I Know This World Is Killing You

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One of my favorite web sites seems to have died or maybe it’s just in a coma.  BetterPropaganda.com hasn’t had any new content since December 2012. BP used to be my go-to source for interesting new music.  It was all free and legal, released by the artist or the label.  And it had great contributors, […]

Dent May – Best Friend

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It’s a little hard to believe that all this gorgeous 60s style vocalizing is coming from one guy, but it is, and that guy is Dent May.  May got his start in Mississippi where he started writing songs at the age of 12, according to his label.  He later attended NYU Film School, but dropped […]

Sweet Life by Frank Ocean

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Not that many records have impressed me  this year, but there’s something about Sweet Life by Frank Ocean that stuck with me even though lyrically, it’s completely alien to my life.  Somewhere between rap and R&B, Sweet Life takes you to a land of milk and honey somewhere in Beverly Hills where happy young people enjoy […]

Spiral by Wye Oak

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I’ve been intrigued by Wye Oak for a few years, partly because they’re called Wye Oak (the ancient oak tree in Maryland that died a few years back) and partly because they’re from my old home town of Baltimore.  “Civilian” was one of my favorite tracks of 2011 and now they’re back with “Spiral,” a […]

Superfast Jellyfish Are Running Out

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First, there were superfast zombies, now it’s jellyfish.  What next?  I do love this tune, which combines great poppy hiphop with great poppy pop, dedicated to the “water breathers.”  It’s great summer music, although maybe not for beach-goers.  Thank you, Flux Blog. Gorillaz: Superfast Jellyfish Speaking of FluxBlog, they had another recent favorite of mine, […]