Swim Until You Can’t See Land: Songs of 2009

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2009 was one of those years for me.  Without a lot of warning, my life turned upside down and my father died — not exactly a happy time. That’s why it surprised me when I listened to the music I collected in 2009 and discovered just how much good music there was that year.  The […]

The Department of Foreseeable Outcomes: More Songs of 2008

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On Bubble Wrap, we continue our review of indie music of the recent past with more songs of 2008.  It was the year of hope and change, although you couldn’t tell that from the music.   2008 brought us a few memorable debuts — Santigold put out Les Artistes that year (from her Santogold CD), introducing […]

Go Out And Love Someone: Songs of 2008

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On Bubble Wrap Radio, we focused on the music of 2008 this week, causing us to relive the year as listening to music often does. Obama was elected — yay?  I wasn’t so sure, but he was better than that other guy. Personally, 2008 wasn’t the best year in my life.  My father clearly had […]

It Was Acceptable At The Time: Songs of 2007

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One of the fun things about surveying music by year after the fact is seeing which artists carried on to greater fame.  In some cases, they are not who you’d expect.  When I first heard Calvin Harris’ It Was Acceptable In The Eighties, I thought it was a silly song.  Then I happened to be […]

We Are The Ones: Songs of 2006

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2006 was the year we discovered that turning your back on the real world only gets you so far.  Some of us travelled aimlessly.  Others paired up.  Politics was pointless so we ignored it.  And then there was the music–ironic, alienated, a little sad.  Amy Winehouse released Back To Black that year — we played […]

Star Witness: More Songs of 2005

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On March 23, we played all the songs from 2005 that we didn’t play last week plus assorted funky tunesters (Michael, Janet, Evelyn “Champagne” King).  This made for what my mother calls a mish-mash, and what’s worse, I can’t really vouch for the authenticity of this playlist because of all the cross-outs… If I had […]

So It’s Come To This: Songs of 2005

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2005 was a year of resignation for many of us. It was a time to turn away from politics and get on with whatever we found important in life. There was a resurgence of love songs. Others pondered the bigger questions of life, the universe, and everything. For me, 2005 was definitely a drop-out year. […]

Enduring The Aughts: Songs of 2004

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As we struggled to figure out how to program our radio show, Bubble Wrap, we decided to focus on the indie music of the 2000s, starting with the first year for which I had a lot of music, which was 2004.  To put 2004 in context, it was the fourth freaking year of the Bush […]

A Politically Motivated Punk and Funk Show

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It was March the second, and we had just emerged from our caves after two weeks with influenza (we assume that’s what it was — we certainly felt awful enough).  The day before, Bernie had lost Nevada and somehow, that seemed like the end of the world to me.  So we took off on a […]

Our Bloody Valentines

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On February 10, 2016, we did our Valentines Day show on WVEW, which is not really our thing, but we muddled through it. Taking a fairly unromantic view of things, we were able to get in a variety of perspectives, shall we say, on this thing called love.  It was great to hear Kiss Me […]

Bubble Wrap

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Bubble Wrap is a new show on WVEW-LP in Brattleboro, VT, our local community radio station.  I’m co-host with my partner CG, and together we dish up what the program guide calls “an amalgamation of indie pop, rock, and funk.”  This enables us to play all the eras and genres of music that we like, […]

Folk, Rock, and Noise at the Future

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The beauty of the Future as a venue is its obscurity and its diversity.  The space is small, intimate, so intimate that sometimes it freaks you out a little.  Bands routinely try to chat up the audience just to break the weird tension that arises when you’re setting up with people four feet away, just […]

Live at the Future: The Suitcase Junket, Bella’s Bartok, Wooly Mar

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The Future Collective keep bringing us great music. Their latest show featured The Suitcase Junket, a one-man band led by Matt Lorenz, a Vermonter now living in Amherst who’s already getting airplay on The River.  In addition to having an amazing voice and top notch songs, in a quirky folk vein, he also knows how […]

Channeling Rimsky-Korsakov On The Simpsons

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The other night, I happened to be listening to Pan Voyevoda by Rimsky-Korsakov when, to my surprise, out popped the Simpsons theme song. Not literally, but the theme R-K used to open his suite is the same, almost note for note, as the theme to the Simpsons.  It’s slower, to be sure, and unsyncopated, but […]