La Souterraine Compilation – Traboule

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La Souterraine - TrabouleLa Souterraine is one of our favorite labels, originating (we think) in an area of France known also as La Souterraine. This newish compilation released by them is called Traboule and is dedicated to the city of Lyons from whence all the artists included are based. A traboule is a uniquely Lyonnaise thing referring to the covered passageways found throughout the city.

On the one for fun, all you Francophiles! This is an above-average comp, and you will enjoy it, no doubt. All the songs are good; some are even better.

Listening Notes

Sainte Lucie – La joie. Light and likable but not memorable. Perhaps that’s how joy is — while it’s going on, it’s the best thing in the world, but afterwards, you can never quite conjure up that feeling again.

Grand Gamin – French electro disco, touch of North African influence in the outro. Nice!

Val – J’dors pas – Retro ballad, sort of a French Amy Winehouse. Exceptionnelle.

Olga Bost – Caresse. Olga playing against herself in perfectly atypical harmony.

Sharon Tate – 80s influenced gothy dance pop. Extra points for surprise key change!

DDV – Ravy tribal groove with big drums. Segues nicely into Folloi below.

Folloi – Des Follois. Semi rap morphing into urgent indie rock — and back.

Allo Daphné – Intérsidéral. Evelyn “Champagne” King bass line + French pop overlay = tasty synth disco workout.

La Souterraine – Toute crue (maquette). Dramatic pop ballad about nude modeling?

Joseph isn’t crying anymore – Néons. Moody spoken word that’s probably better if you understand French…. Worth a listen either way.

Pinot – Des résolutions. Minimalist indie-folk duo with a touch of the unexpected.