From the Archives: Interview with Adriana Kaegi

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In January of 2002, we interviewed Adriana Kaegi of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Here’s that interview: ….. IndieDisco was very fortunate to spend a bit of time with Adriana Kaegi, co-founder and creative director of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. She’s currently creating streaming media content for the fashion world and has designed and […]

From the Archives: Interview with Bride of Funkenstein Dawn Silva

| Interview

In 2002, we got in touch with Dawn Silva to discuss the Brides of Funkenstein, Parliament, Funkadelic, and a whole range of fun stuff, including new music she had just released. Dawn Silva 2002-10-25 Some people spend their whole life wondering what they should be doing. Others go to a concert, decide they want to […]

From the Archives: Interview with Manda From Bis

| Interview

In January of 2002, we had the chance to interview Manda Rin from the band Bis, which later morphed into Data Panik. Manda continues with music and art to this day. IndieDisco Exclusive Interview Manda From Bis 2002-01-14 IndieDisco is delighted to share our recent interview with Manda (Manda Rin) of the Scottish pop band […]

From the Archives: Mountain Goats Interview

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In March of 2003, shortly after Mountain Goats released “Tallahassee,” we had a chance to interview John Darnielle about music, Florida, cannibalism, and more. John Darnielle – Mountain Goats 2003-03-21 IndieDisco was lucky to catch up with John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, who obligingly fit us in while on tour in Europe. John filled […]

From the Archives: Interview with Bernie Worrell

| Interview

In 2002, we emailed Bernie Worrell and asked if we could interview him. Somewhat to our surprise, he agreed, and we ended up talking with him for quite a while on the phone one spring day. Here’s that interview again. Bernie Worrell If you have listened to music sometime in the last 30 years, you’ve […]