Another Life – June 7, 2017

| Radio

Sometimes you just want to lose yourself in the music.  Such was the case this week on Bubble Wrap Radio, moments of levity aside.  It wasn’t the great depth or passion of the music itself, but the inventiveness of its authors that pulled us along.  So yes, to Adriano Celetano who in 1972 released “Prisencolinensinainciusol” […]

The Rumors Are True – April 19, 2017

| Radio

For the better part of last week, I was haunted by Tom Courtenay — not the actor, who I don’t remember, but the song by Yo La Tengo. It came out on Electr-O-Pura in 1995 and provided melodic counterpoint to what was otherwise one of the band’s noisier, dronier phases. We started Bubble Wrap Radio with it, noting to ourselves that noisy guitar-driven rock is bound to come back one of these days. Oh wait! it already has….at least in places like Slovenia.

For John Cage

| Music

John Cage, 20th century composer and innovator, is probably best known for his piece 4’33”,  consisting of the sounds of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of “silence.”  Audiences were confounded and not altogether pleased.  Cage continued to pioneer an entire method of music composition based on “chance operations,” such as tossing coins or pulling slips […]