February 7, 2024 – Tornado on the Moon

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Greetings. The Bubble Wrap radio show consists of broadcasting a 2 hour, maybe, and blogging about it. This week’s show consisted of a lot of car songs (for personal reasons known only to host B). Otherwise, new music from Bandcamp and beyond.

Favorite track of the week: “Plastic Pyramid” by Omni. In fact, I’m listening to them now (“INTL Waters”) and loving it. Look for album Souvenir scheduled for release February 16, 2024.

More favorite songs: for the title, “Dichotomatic,” from Spoon Benders, heavy girl rock with a touch of goth. Bad Tuner’s “24 Hours” for it’s revolutionary message and Fatboy Slim vibe. Amira Berbo for a pair of songs that are both well written and well sung but seemingly improvised at the same time, with a vocal that evokes the title and overriding theme, “Post-Fiction-Melancholia.”

Favorite new indie rock band from Manila: Bandidoband, a Filipino band, who shouldered the indie rock mantle but in Tagalog with a decidedly Filipino air. Almost the whole album, entitled “From Stop n Shop with Love,” is good. Get it for the absurdly low price of whatever you want to pay.

Another awesome group that we just discovered is The Last Dinner Party, a self proclaimed “baroque”* girl group from London, who have all the elements of cool — great songwriting, fun background vocals, and a lead singer with one of those voices that leaps and pounces with catlike precision. “The Feminine Urge” shows off these skills quite nicely. A band to look out for.

Unfortunately, our signal cut out at 8:30 or you would have heard MORE… See list below for the songs we did manage to play.

February 7, 2024
Tornado on the Moon

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?

PAMS Sales Pitch 1
Courtland and Jeffries – Oh It’s A Lovely War
Cass Hagen – Varsity Rag

Spoon Benders – Dichotomatic
Ride – Peace Sign
Bad Tuner – 24 Hours

Let’s Go Look At A New Car radio ad
Cristina – Drive My Car
Ada Jones – Keep Away From the Fellow With the Automobile
Jimmy Carroll – Big Green Car

Amira Berbo – Post-Fiction-Melancholic
Bandidiband – Laruan
Omni – Plastic Pyramid

Bob and Ray – Move Your Car
Junior Wells – I Need Me A Car
Sponge – Go Speed Racer Go
Woodie Guthrie – Car Song

Boeckner – Lose
The Last Dinner Party – The Feminine Urge
Cats In Spaceland – This is So

When You Are In Your Car radio ad
Scott Calhoun – I Live To Drive
Red Star Belgrade – Highway to Hell

Taylor Swift / TLC – Anti Hero Waterfalls

* I think it’s important to note that I just learned the origin of the “baroque” as a style of art — it was the work of the Hapsburg dynasty in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries who used it to convey their own imperial majesty to the diverse peoples of the world they had succeeded acquiring. Baroque art is all that ornate, curlicued, cherub-laden stuff you see in old churches (very old churches such as they have in Europe). As for baroque music, the last time anyone indulged in that in a serious fashion, was right after the Renaissance ended, with the likes of Bach, Vivaldi, Rameau, Handel, and MANY more.