The Doldrums Fade Away – August 11, 2021

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We took a two week semi-hiatus to celebrate the fact that no one else was doing anything so why should we? Hey, you know what they say about absence. In the meantime, the rain let up and we enjoyed some summer weather, which we deserve, dammit. Fortunately, by early August, there was starting to be music again, so we played some. For instance, the new old Prince album Welcome 2 America was released, courtesy of the Prince Estate, and yeah, it’s good. There’s even a summer song – “Hot Summer.” So what if it’s a decade old? Also awesome this week was Zella Day, who knocked listeners hand knit socks off with the southern-sky slippity-slide of “Girls.” “Storm” by Shad also rocks, if you care, and you should about this one.

August 11, 2021
The Doldrums Fade Away

ADMI*Lab – Musey Moskui
Logan Whitehurst and the Junior Science Club – The Robot Cat
BIG Something – Traveler’s Song

911 – Blueprint

SkyZoo – Bed-Stuy is Burning
Jungle – Talk About It
Aerosmith – What It Takes

Prince – Welcome 2 America
The Time – Jungle Love

Polar Noir – If Everybody Listened
Zella Day – Girls
The Late Pioneers – Mythical Beasts

Interior – Hot Beach
Prince – Hot Summer
Bei Bei and Shawn Lee – Hot Thursday

Shad – Storm
Yoghill – The August Song
Fake Fruit – Lying Legal Horror Lawyers

Prince – 1010 (Rin Tin Tin)

Alban de Reyer – Big Ben
Yola – Diamond Studded Shoes
Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom (we paid for our crime by humming it for the next week….)

SOS Band – No One’s Gonna Love You (Special Version)