Thinking Out Loud – April 28, 2020

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Annie Besant Thought Forms Wagner

Annie Besant Thought Forms Wagner, Public Domain.

Coronavirus has taken its toll on music — there seems to be less of it coming out these days than previously.  That would explain why we’re playing so much old stuff on Bubble Wrap these days.

Of the newer stuff, our track of the week was Yirim Seck’s “Click” with a musical message about racism (“They ain’t winning of we click.”)  We also enjoyed the pop stylings of Shane Tutmarc with “Brave New World” and the funky groove of “Mind Up” by J-Felix.  As for the Kitsch Award, that goes to the Greene County Boys, a singing group consisting solely of doctors, for their song “It Must Be A Virus.”

So hey, all you sequestered musicians — write some songs, record ’em, put ’em out there.  If you’re bored, with all your talent, imagine how it must be for the rest of us.  😉

(For inspiration, here’s a super recent interview with Stephen Malkmus about his new record Traditional Techniques. Says Stephen: I don’t want to be one of those people that’s like “I’m actually enjoying this,” but there is something to say about that.  In addition to releasing another album, he’s also finished alphabetizing his record collection!)

April 28, 2020
Thinking Out Loud

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?
Homer and Jethro – Disc Jockey’s Nightmare
Red Foley – Cinncinnati Dancing Pig

Allah-Las – Holding Pattern
Field Music – Money Is A Memory
Night Stone – Conquer Time

Greene County Boys – It Must Be A Virus
Pete Quinto – Mister Democrat
Percy Faith Strings – Ballad of John and Yoko

Bette Midler with Bob Dylan – Buckets of Rain
Cold Hard Truth – Turn Turn Turn
Pert Near Sandstone – Castles In The Air

Funkadelic – Can You Get To That
Parliament – Dr. Funkenstein
Yirim Seck – Click
L’Eclair – Suite #2
Duke Ellington – Perdido

Haircut 100 – Love’s Got Me In Triangles (remix)
Dazz Band – Let It All Blow

Treehouse Quartet – Thought Bubble
Hazel English – Off My Mind
J-Felix – Mind Up (Feat. Andrew Ashong)

Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes
Michael Jackson – You Rock My World

Catholic Action – There Will Always Be A Light
Shane Tutmarc – A Brave New World


Photo Credit: Annie Besant, Thought Forms, Wagner. Public Domain.