Simon and Sunglasses – September 4, 2019

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Sunglasses in the Sun

So much good music this first week of September. Singles from Black Country, New Road, Geowulf, Blackpool Astronomy, and of course, the Weeping Bong Band. Also loved SAULT’s “Let Me Go” and Charlotte Adjigery’s “Cursed and Cussed.” Van Halen is “Hot for Teacher,” Tony Randall and Jack Klugman cover “You’re So Vain,” and civil defense preparedness continues with a spot from Tony Bennett. Read on for details and playlists.

Black Country, New Road. A mysterial band from the UK who make us all want to hear more. There is no more, not yet anyway, but still there is buzz.

Van Halen – Hot For Teacher. You know — school started again, or that’s the excuse, anyway. Have you checked out Mr. Roth’s new show? Who knew he was a philosopher.

Weeping Bong Band – Pattern of a Platitude. The Weeping Bong Band are from the Northampton, MA area, AKA “Pioneer Valley.” They are experimentally minded to say the least. This track sounds like it was field recorded late at night near a meadow. Unusual though they are, we got a call on this one from a listener who found themselves mesmerized, as you may too if you listen.

Charlotte Adigéry – Cursed and Cussed. Belgian/French/Caribbean artist Charlotte Adigéry brings all her musical landscapes into her own style of expression. Skittery percussion, ethereal vocals, and lots of space define this track. Aka WWWater.

SAULT – Let Me Go. Contemporary R&B is starting to be a crowded field, but the British group SAULT (aka, salt) have it going on. Great song, great performance. If they haven’t hit already, they should soon.

September 4, 2019
Simon and Sunglasses

Bob Nastanovich – reading poetry to crowd while someone tunes
Van Halen – Hot For Teacher
Beverly Glenn-Copeland – In The Image
Weeping Bong Band – Pattern of a Platitude
Spooky Mansion – Real Jerk

The Streets – Let’s Push Things Forward
Roger & Zapp – In The Mix

Mikal Cronin – Can’t Hardly Wait
Fair City Fire – Simple Stupid
Geowulf – Round and Round

Wild Child – Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Ol Skool Edit)
Tony Bennett – Civil Defense spot
Yaz – Situation (remix)

Black Belt Eagle Scout – At the Party
Black Country, New Road – Sunglasses
Blackpool Astronomy – Schuster

Tony Randall and Jack Klugman – You’re So Vain
Chris Watson – Hippopotami emerging from the river, Mara at dusk

Charlotte Adigéry – Cursed and Cussed
Angel Olsen – All Mirrors
SAULT – Let Me Go

The 1975 – Love Me
Midnight Star – Curious
Marcia Griffiths – Here I Am (Come and Take Me) – (Al Green cover)


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