Taking the Long Cut – October 18, 2017

| Radio

In the context of a two hour radio show with two programmers competing for time, it becomes hard to allow for the expansive requirements of a song over 5 minutes.  This is too bad because longer tracks are every bit as valid as radio-friendly 3:00 ditties.  Artists have railed about this for years, although not so much lately now that radio is (for the most part) relatively free of new music, and certainly of new music that takes any chances.  It was with this in mind — not to mention a swelling backlog of songs over 5 minutes — that caused the show of long songs to happen.

We liked some especially.  “Ghost”(7:43) by Griffen Robillard of Boston reminded us of fellow Massachusettans Winterpills.  Pleasantries, from Palatine, IL, gave us a pleasantly strange number called “Our Scarecrow’s Really Scary” (9:45) which was playfully disjointed as always.  We played another song of theirs a few weeks ago.

In the category of “caught too late,” we played (the) Umbrella Cult, who broken up half a decade ago.  Their song “Another One Goes” (7:17) was a highlight of the show, but one listen suggests  that a possible reason they broke up is because it’s hard to do Brit-Pop in Sarasota.  Finally, Lee Renaldo has a new album out, entitled Electric Trim.  We played “Moroccan  Mountains,”(7:26) in which Renaldo stretches out SY-style about aging and modern life, all set against a slightly exotic background.

On the funk side, we especially enjoyed the Original 7ven with “Press Conference” and “Condensate.”  Incredibly geeky Prince fans will know that Original 7ven is the 21st century version of Morris Day and the Time, who were forbidden to use their old band name because Prince didn’t want them to.  Ah, Prince….

October 18, 2017
The Long Cut

Vilde – Just Visiting
Griffen Robillard – Ghost
Pleasantries – Our Scarecrow’s Really Scary

Zapp – Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)
WDW – Wait For Monorail
Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out
Jardin de la Croix – Intermareals

Parliament – What Comes Funky
Prince – Dionne
Bis – Eurodisco
Lone – Mind’s Eye Melody
A Drug Called Tradition – With You Miss You

Original 7ven – Press Conference
Original 7ven – Condensate
WDW – Mad Tea Party Area Music

Four Tet – Planet
(the) Umbrella Cult – Another One Goes

Rare Essence – Lock It
Lucy Dacus – I Don’t Want To Be Funny
Lee Renaldo – Moroccan Mountains
The Clientele – The Neighbour