Whatever The Party Calls For – Best Songs of 2016 Part I

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This year was the first in three years that I’ve bothered to put together a year end best of compilation annual CD, as we had for so many years before.  For whatever the reason, I got bored with current, nowaday music.  I started listening to classical!  It was bad.  This year, maybe because of the […]

  • Whatever The Party Calls For, Part 2 – More Best Of 2016

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    It’s never easy to pick the best songs of any time period — there are always songs that rise above the common herd of new music without attaining top status.  That’s where Disc 2 comes in.  It’s a place to record that second tier of great tunes aren’t quite great enough on their own to […]

  • A Wintry Mix – December 7, 2016

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    Snow Town

    On Bubble Wrap radio this week, we tried to stay away from Christmas without being totally unseasonal in our selections.  The end result was a wintry mix of new stuff just in and songs from past years with the words “winter” or “snow” in their titles.  I know, it’s a cheap algorithm but it works, and gives […]

  • From the Archives: Interview with Bride of Funkenstein Dawn Silva

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    In 2002, we got in touch with Dawn Silva to discuss the Brides of Funkenstein, Parliament, Funkadelic, and a whole range of fun stuff, including new music she had just released. Dawn Silva 2002-10-25 Some people spend their whole life wondering what they should be doing. Others go to a concert, decide they want to […]

  • A Return To Normalcy – November 30, 2016

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    This week on Bubble Wrap radio show, we vowed a return to normalcy.  Did we succeed?  Let’s see…. Obligatory Prince track?  check.  Unknown 80s Italo funk cut? got it.  Interesting new music from Chicago?  Yup.  Ok, we’re back at least for the moment. The Italo funk was “Living” by Island and Holiday, a 1980s remix […]

  • Chicago Farmer – Midwest Side Stories

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    Chicago Farmer - Midwest Side Stories

    We first happened upon this record, Midwest Side Stories by Chicago Farmer, about a month before the presidential elections.  Being Northeasterners, we were a little nervous when we realized that this was basically folk music about “deplorables.” Nowhere on the record will you find the word deplorable, but given that these are songs about mostly […]

  • Be Thankful For What You Got… November 23, 2016

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    The holiday season is upon us.  First up: Thanksgiving.  Are we feeling thankful?  Maybe not entirely but I think this year more than some others, we were in the mood for a good old fashioned, comforting family Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.  This week on Bubble Wrap, we attempted to fit the mood of the […]

  • Standing On Shakey Ground – November 16, 2016

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    This week’s Bubble Wrap was a return to pre-election routine, or so we thought.  As it turned out, even when you’re not trying to make topical references, songs come out of the ether with a point of view all their own.  Such was our experience this week, as we all try to make sense of […]

  • And The Kids – Friends Share Lovers

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    And The Kids - Friends Share Lovers

    I first saw And The Kids at a local all ages show here in Brattleboro, and they struck me then as a band to watch.  Sure, they were a little rough around the edges, but they had an originality and passion that set them apart.  Now with their second full length CD Friends Share Lovers, […]

  • From the Archives: Interview with Manda From Bis

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    scottish garden

    In January of 2002, we had the chance to interview Manda Rin from the band Bis, which later morphed into Data Panik. Manda continues with music and art to this day. IndieDisco Exclusive Interview Manda From Bis 2002-01-14 IndieDisco is delighted to share our recent interview with Manda (Manda Rin) of the Scottish pop band […]

  • OMG It’s Trump – the Post Election Show

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    Voting Display in Dayton 1956

    We were looking forward to doing the Bubble Wrap show the day after the election, figuring Hillary would win and we could play upbeat pop songs with just a touch of whimsical sarcasm….  And then the unthinkable happened — Donald Trump won!  How is this even possible.  On one days notice it was back to […]

  • Pre-Election Encouragement – November 2, 2016

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    Since the election was all anyone was thinking about anyway, we decided to provide some musical encouragement on Bubble Wrap this week.  But we threw in someunrelated new stuff too, just to keep it interesting.  First off, apologies in advance to purists who think Bruno Mars is too pop for an indie show.  I agree.  […]

  • Stronger Than Witchcraft – The Bubble Wrap 2016 Hallowe’en Show

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    Old Halloween Card

    Doing a Hallowe’en show on the radio is always fun — it brings out your inner ham and suddenly you’re playing sound effects records of haunted mansions and wishing you had Monster Mash on your iPad… This year’s Bubble Wrap Halloween playlist consisted of two types of Halloween song. There are the songs that are […]