By Murray Foubister

Summer Madness – August 22, 2018

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22 is an auspicious number, and August is hot, especially this one.  Anyway, we’re all mad here.  Welcome to the Bubble Wrap radio show write-up, back after a long chaotic hiatus.  (The chaos isn’t over — we’re just taking a break from it.)  Life spills over into everything so this show was a bit chaotic […]

  • Heather Maloney – Just Enough Sun

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    Heather Maloney - Just Enough Sun

    Heather Maloney’s new ep Just Enough Sun roused me out of my torpor on first listen. It wasn’t just that it’s good, which it is, but also that it reaches out and grabs you — with a lyrical twist or a strange saga or some unexpected instrumentation that makes you pay attention. The stand-out track is “Albert 1-5,” a song as unsettling as it is hummable, and destined to see some college / NPR radio play, I feel sure…

    …As mentioned, “Albert 1-5” is my tune, and if you’re not careful, you too might wake up at 3am humming it as I did the night I played it on the radio here in town. It’s actually really sad — the story of five chimps who were sent up in a rocket, shackled into cages on a mission they never signed up for. Horrible really. But when the focus segues from the chimps to us, you realize that we’re all “captive captains,” and for sure, “none of us will make it out alive.” And yet, what a chorus! What a song!

  • Late Spring, Ho Hum

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    Montmelon Jura In Spring

    …Music moves on, although as far as I can tell, it hasn’t changed all that much in that whole long period since 2001 when I reconnected with it after leaving Boston for small town Vermont. Gone the insane (and insanely affordable) club scene, where you could see anybody, man! All the great indie bands came through, annually, semiannually, whatever. You could stand right there in the front row in a hot dark smoky club and listen to Pavement or Yo La Tengo (I’ll never forget the night White Zombie opened for them at the Channel) or Low or Stereolab. So many fucking bands, that looking back on it, it amazes me that I was lucky enough to be there during that golden era music of accessibility in real time (4 track!), ownable media (records!) and real space (night clubs from here to there). …

  • Can This Be Spring? – April 18, 2018

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    First off, a moment of contemplation of the true meaning (if any) of the American Revolution which began on this day in 1775…  Ok, with that out of the way, were hear to tell you that Bubble Wrap made it on the air this week, despite setbacks, obstacles, and bad moods.  But the show must […]

  • Go Lightly – April 11, 2018

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    Bubble Wrap continues with the letter H and introduces more new music from around the country including a few songs we really like.  Cutting to the chase, the hands down favorite of the evening was “Gold Purple Orange” by Jean Grae and Quelle Chris, which has one of the more compelling lyrics we’ve heard lately […]

  • Anti Anti – April 4, 2018

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    Sometimes you realize that it’s just you against the world, struggling for air, for breathing room, for peace of mind, and for a fighting chance to have a “nice” day. But then you remember that it’s always been like that and move on. This week on Bubble Wrap we played music to soothe and distract, with here and there a nod to the sad fact the struggle is universal.

  • Supa Fresh – March 28, 2018

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    Every once in a while you take a look around and ask “what’s it all about, anyway?” and the answer that comes back is – nothing. And that’s the thing. It’s about nothing and everything all at the same time. Music this week revealed itself to be about the usual things – love, the Internet, […]

  • Carnival Life – January 24, 2018

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    Around and around and around we go, and where stop:  the letter F, for one.  This week on Bubble Wrap, we continued down the list of songs from the old laptop whose names begin with F.  And of course, newer music from around the indie world. Probably the hit of the show was Ferde Grofe’s […]

  • Not A Loser! – January 17, 2018

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    The clear winner of this week’s Bubble Wrap round-up was “I’m Not A Loser” by Amyl and the Sniffers.  I’m not sure what to say about that except that punk rock rules and girls who talk back even more so.  Otherwise, it was late 2017 all over again, because that’s what you get in January.  […]

  • Moving On Into A Bright New Tomorrow – January 10, 2018

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    With 2017 safely behind us, Bubble Wrap Radio moved on with the first crop of 2018 releases (and a bunch of late 2017 as well). It is way too early to have any idea what 2018 is going to be about, and a selection of tunes is always selected by a biased someone, so I’ll go ahead and say that darkness and dread will continue, but leavened with a bit of gallows humor and the occasional burst of inspirational optimism.

  • Best of 2017 – Shouting At The Dark

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    It’s impossible to think about 2017 without some trepidation — there were so many low points.  Would we be nuked?  outlawed?  or just poked with pointy sticks?  These were trying times.  Musically, however, the trend was largely positive.  Musicians seemed to be waking up out of their Taxi-induced malaise (“shiny happy marketing music”) into a […]

  • So Free – November 1, 2017

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    It was a week of tragedy and violence, on the heels of earlier tragedy and violence, not to mention the destruction of various natural disasters. In between, there was Hallowe’en, and to get in the spirit, so to speak, we’ve been watching cheery Netflix shows like Stranger Things and House of Cards… We don’t know what to think anymore, so we play music, trying to make sense of it all, one song at a time…. And then, in the midst of our happy escapist dream set, what should pop into our consciousness but — Poppy.

  • Poppy? Who’s Poppy?

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    We haven’t run across a musical act this weird since The KLF mystified audiences back in the early 90s. Thanks to FluxBlog for introducing us. Usually Flux is my source for mainstream, but Poppy is not mainstream, and while the Poppy persona seems to imply that fame and fortune are already hers, it’s hard to […]