Rain These Days – Playlist for April 17, 2019

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Indeed, it has been stereotypically rainy this April, and tonight was no exception. But Bubble Wrap Radio must go on. We played “Rain,” a perfectly lovely song performed by Julian Lynch as captured by music minutiae blog Aquarium Drunkard. Also, new Jamila Woods, Anderson .Paak, Beck, and 26 Bats! Oldies from Natural Child, Negativland, The […]

Unearthing Rock and Roll

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In a bit of welcome sonic archaeology, Aquarium Drunkard just posted a bunch of live tracks dating back to the 1980s from Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ.  I’m listening to it for maybe the third time today, and I’ll probably listen to it some more.  Hell, I might listen all night. Entitled Hoboken Nights, it brings […]

Bring on the Effectron – April 10, 2019

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Bubble Wrap radio featured another batch of new tunes from around the country and the world including Blackpink, AlaskaAlaska, and Trina South. Also on tap — historic Disney park audio rarities, funk, go go, and a killer version of Benny and the Jets by Master Plan.

The Playwrights – Guy DeBord Is Really Dead

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It was November, in the first days after the 2004 elections when all seemed lost and revolution the only option, that I first encountered The Playwrights. Perhaps it was meant to be. The Playwrights latest ep, entitled ‘Guy Debord Is Really Dead,’ is dedicated to the founder of the late 60s political phenomenon the Situationists. The Revolution of Everyday Life, referred to in the song, is the bible of that movement. It was the right tune at the right time.

On The Wing – April 3, 2019

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This week’s Bubble Wrap radio show featured music by Maze, theme park snippets, and three whole songs by Clinic (who have a new album out this year). Due to a syncing disaster, all the new songs for this week’s show were not available when called upon, but we made up for that with a bunch […]

Deep Down – March 27, 2019

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One of the accidental themes of this week’s Bubble Wrap show was the bass, which is doubly coincidental since we’ve been watching a lot of instructional videos from this hot young bassist Alissia Benveniste. We listened to Bootsy Collins’ “Thera-P” which features her and Tyshawn Colquitt. Also, new music from Jenny Lewis, Jealous of the […]

International Happiness – March 20, 2019

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For some reason, we got on the subject of joy on Bubble Wrap this week, only to learn that March 20 is International Happiness Day. Who knew we had such a thing, but it seems like a good idea. We did our part with the uplifting sounds of Chaka Khan, Funkadelic and Bootsy. Otherwise, we […]

Dance by the Light of the Moon – March 13, 2019

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Featuring Sasami, Pottery, Smiile, and Ben Noble with new and notable pop.  Also including obscure covers, alternate Prince cut, and the standout title track from the new KH (aka Fourtet) album Only Human. Twain – Little Dog Mind.  It should come as no surprise that this track sounds a little like Dr. Dog. Ben Noble […]

Obscure Literary References – March 6, 2019

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This week on Bubble Wrap, lots of great new music, more Rufus, and even some rarities from before modern times. Josh Ritter – Old Black Magic. Josh is suddenly older and more rocking. But I might not have been paying attention while this was happening… Durand Jones and the Indications. So true to 70s soul, […]

Accidental Gothiness – February 20, 2019

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On Bubble Wrap this week:  More new music!  Rather than rattle on about the state of things, here are some capsule reviews of songs we played. The Knife – Heartbeats.  2002 release.  Dancy, Swedish in a Bjorkian way.  A bit tribal. The Faint – Alien Angel. Urgent, gothy, dancy, and brand new! Unloved – Devils […]

Step Outside – February 13, 2019

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Due to the shortage of time, I’ll cut right to the chase:  weren’t The 360s great?  Audrey Clark was the epitome of cool and Eric Russell’s thrilling guitar was right up there with the best of the early ’90s Boston rockers.  Their “thing” was psychedelia, dressed down in bad boy/girl black leather.  I’d like to […]

Difficulties – February 6, 2019

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Still seeking the locus of originality as we rummage through the tunes every week on Bubble Wrap Radio.  Our most recent theory is that originality is expressed when the thing you create is wholly your own, without regard for the thinkings or doings of anyone else.

Happy Days of Yore – January 30, 2018

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Bubble Wrap this week featured happy music from 2019 as well as 2014–ephemeral pop from here and there.  Augmenting that, we continued the Troy Meadows and La Souterraine threads another week with music from each.  Oh, and Pilotcan was a nice discovery — always fun to find a new Scottish band… Enjoy yourself and the days of yore…

Folk Music – January 23, 2019

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Each week, we look for the most original sounds we can as they bob by in a sea of enjoyably familiar musicality. In keeping with the theme of ‘off the beaten path,’ we checked out La Souterraine’s latest compilation, La Musique de ponts et chausses (music about bridges and highways). Also liked some tracks from a recent Z Tapes comp, and the new CD from Troy Meadows.

Taking A Chance on 2019 – January 16, 2019

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Here we are in the newest of all years, 2019, so early in the year, there’s hardly any “new” music yet.  But late 2018 yielded a few picks for this week’s Bubble Wrap show which is close enough.  We liked the low key r&b of Citizen Cope’s “Justice,” which delivers a timely message of love […]