One Thing After Another – April 28, 2021

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Another interesting week of music on Bubble Wrap radio where the glories of spring met the grumpiness of our current state of mind. But we do our best to remain cheerful despite the events that make us doubt our sanity for doing so.

On the grumpy side: Yard Act, our new favorite UK band, with a new song “Dark Days.” This on the heels of last week’s “Fixer Upper,” seemed almost too good to be true. These guys fall into the new British genre of talkie rock which seems possibly influenced by the recently departed Mark E. Smith.

Weather Happens – April 14, 2021

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April is the month of “now you see it, now you don’t” weather. It’s sunny and bright! It’s dark and stormy… The wind howls! It’s peaceful and still. So too in all of life. Does this have anything to do with music? Maybe. It’s up to you to find out. 

Top tracks this week from the likes of Grrrl Gang and their the delicious Honey, Baby ep; also from The Happy Smiling Germ, Nashville’s best kept indie folk secret. Robot Rights “Getaway” was a fun surprise, doubly so because he’s from “around here,” in this case Vermont.

Smart As Art – April 7, 2021

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Lots of new music this week, leading off with Chris Catalyst’s “Make Good Art,” featuring (of all people) novelist Neil Gaimon. We like this song because it gets right to the point, and it’s a good point. Continuing with this new UK “talkie” rock thing, we heard from Yard Act (really?) who gave us a […]

Make Your Own Revolution – March 31, 2021

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This week saw the return of rock to Bubble Wrap, brought to us by the serendipitous luck of the draw.  We especially liked French retro rockers Thee Brinks, strange Baltimorean L Cars, and The Armoires in their Covid-tinged memoir “Ghost of Fall Singer…”   Revival of the week: Scruffy the Cat, that legendary Boston pop band whose late ’80s glory days brought a touch of playful insouciance to the otherwise gritty local scene.

Mt Pleasure – Purple Galaxy

| Records

Mt. Pleasure manage to pack a lot into 23 minutes — their new and possibly only album Purple Galaxy contains 10 tracks of varied genres, all under 3 minutes each. But despite its brevity, the record feels complete, with everything from jangly indie pop to contemplative folk rock to interstitial drones.

Not So Dark After All – March 24, 2021

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As Spring emerges from the snow and the snow melts into the earth and the rivers run down to the river and on into the Sound, we find the pulse and pace of life have quickened, but to what end? That is a question to ponder as Bubble Wrap gently escorts you through the earliest days of this virginally new season. Surely this involves music, no? And so it does, from The Dowling Poole and Snapped Ankles to the Armoires and Parker Milsap. In short, a motley assortment of late winter/ early spring releases.

Top of the Evenin’ – March 17, 2021

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It being St. Patrick’s Day, we felt it was our sworn duty as Americans to play some Irish music in honor of the day. As we discovered, there’s a fair amount of St. Paddy’s Day music tucked away in, recorded off of scratchy old 78s. There are also plenty of Irish and Irish-American musicians […]

Haiku for Everything – March 10, 2021

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This week’s show featured more from La Souterraine, plenty of classic funk, and a hefty helping of new music by artists at various levels of obscurity from Hanford Flyover to Haru Nemuri, touching both ends of that spectrum. Hanford Flyover continue to impress. We played another from their most recent release, this time the moody, downtempo rocker “Cloverfield.”  We also played tracks from I Think Like Midnight album and our new political rock faves The Dowling Poole. 

Whither the Whetherman – March 3, 2021

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Bubble Wrap continues and once again, you missed it!  But we’re here to tell you all about it so you won’t feel left out.  We enjoyed “Mr. Whetherman” from UK band Hanford Flyover’s new release Hanford Tape Sessions, a surprisingly good record for such an obviously thrown together collecction.  Meinfreak from Berlin gave us “Blütenmeergewehr,” which translates roughly as “Sea of Flowers.” We even found a song from a Vermont band, Clever Girls, who were decent enough to email us a link to it.  Thank you, Clever Girls!  We debuted “Spark.” 

Shamanic Legacy – February 24, 2021

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This week’s edition of Bubble Wrap was a rough and tumble mix of tracks from all over, baby. There was the old: De La Soul, Parliament, Aretha, Gary Bartz, and even a snippet of Philip Glass. There was the new with a touch of the familiar: Bobby McFerrin’s daughter Madison doing her new song “Hindsight” and a pair from the son and grandson of Fela (Made and Femi Kute from the Legacy collection). Plus a few more tracks from recent faves Spunkshine, Mt. Pleasure, Nuevos Dolores, and Welsh rockers Bandicoot.

Covering the Spaces – February 17, 2021

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It was a quiet week on Bubble Wrap this week, with no theme to guide us and all the freedom from that.  Consequently, we were extra entertaining.  For example, the very first set was killer, leading off with The Lounge Society and their moody manifesto “Burn The Heather.”  If you like Fontaines DC, you’ll like The Lounge Society.  Then there was “Weekends” by Classixx & the Local Natives, a guilty pleasure for sure, but so hooky.  Finishing off that set was “The Duke” by Menahan Street Band of Brooklyn, NY, doing their own brand of retro smooth jazz.  It’s a groove, and the horns are nothing short of mellifluous.

Love, Baby – February 10, 2021

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The annual Bubble Wrap Valentine’s Day show featured love songs galore. We got sweet love, modern love, lacquered love, and of course our love. Old love, new love, young love, and not so love. What more can we say? It’s all about the love.

If Wishes Were Horses – February 3, 2021

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As we enter 2021 for real and for good, new music has begun to emerge that wasn’t recorded in 2020, that misbegotten year that we’re all trying to forget. Leading the pack for the Bubble Wrap crew are Arlo Parks and the new compilation from La Souterraine.

“Caroline” is a brand new track from Britain’s Arlo Parks, whose R&B nouveau has been percolating on the Internet for the last couple years. Parks’ new song is flawless contemporary pop with perfect vocals and a lyrical maturity that belies her years. We liked her funkier “Green Eyes” last year. Despite her self-assessment as a hopeless misfit, her music adds up to a very accessible package.

And then there’s La Souterraine, the busiest little microlabel in, well, La Souterraine, to be vague. The new installment in their compilation series is a volume 2 of their highly enjoyable Allopop of a couple years ago.

Agree To Disagree – November 26, 2020

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The latest episode of Bubble Wrap fell on Thanksgiving Eve this year, so there was some thanking to be done and some turkey songs to be played.  New music resumed with more new favorites including Elvis Costello’s latest track, “Hetty O’Hara Confidential,” who is still biting and nipping at our heels.  For some reason, I enjoy the bitter edge.