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We Are Spirits – February 15, 2017

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Another week, another episode of Bubble Wrap. As winter waffles to a close–some days cold and snowy, some days balmy and 65–we decided to stay in the present tense this week and concentrate on the now. Why is this always a good idea? Whatever the reason, it translated into a some very new music such […]

  • Be Here Now – February 22, 2017

    | Radio

    This week’s edition of Bubble Wrap featured new songs from Wild Skies, Annabelle’s Curse, and Sallie Ford, among many others.  On the funky side, we had a bunch of new old 12″ cuts from the 1980s, as well as an a capella version of Pleasure Principle by Janet Jackson. Wild Skies, from Chicago, gave us […]

  • From the Archives: Interview with Adriana Kaegi

    | Interview
    Kid Creole Adrianna Kaegi

    In January of 2002, we interviewed Adriana Kaegi of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Here’s that interview: ….. IndieDisco was very fortunate to spend a bit of time with Adriana Kaegi, co-founder and creative director of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. She’s currently creating streaming media content for the fashion world and has designed and […]

  • Wander Away – February 8, 2017

    | Radio

    On this week’s Bubble Wrap, we wandered our way back to our original format, which is mostly new independent music with a healthy helping of older funk/r&b.  Playing mostly new music is relaxing in that you feel less responsible for your choices.  What’s on this week?  All the new stuff we’ve heard recently.  C’est simple! […]

  • Let’s Dance! February 1, 2017

    | Radio

    With the WVEW Groundhog Day Dance Party coming up the next day, we made a modest attempt to play even more dance music than usual on Bubble Wrap this week.  It seems easy but when you actually try to come up with universal dance list for everyone, you find that there’s no way.  People like […]

  • Improvise! – January 25, 2016

    | Radio
    Bridge Band in Prague

    As the very busy month of January winds down and a Groundhog Day Dance Party looms, Bubble Wrap radio digs into the vaults for dance numbers to prime the pump.  Yes, we want everyone to come to the WVEW Groundhog Day Dance Party at 118 Elliot St in Brattleboro from 7 to whenever on February […]

  • Origami Horses Smile

    | Interview
    Origami Horses - G Theatre Uni Canterbury Aug 15, 2016

    Origami Horses got in touch with us many weeks ago to tell us of their new EP Everybody Smile, a refreshingly edgy selection of five songs (three studio recordings and two live versions of the same tracks) that will, in fact, make you smile.  For starters, it’s nice to hear some energy after all the […]

  • Making Lemonade – January 19, 2017

    | Radio

    It really is a brand new era, and this had us a little off balance, seeing as how it’s the eve of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, a decidedly disruptive prospect if ever there was one. Our confusion gave us the opportunity to take a scattershot approach to the whole affair on Bubble Wrap radio this […]

  • Whatever The Party Calls For, Part 2 – More Best Of 2016

    | Radio, Songs

    It’s never easy to pick the best songs of any time period — there are always songs that rise above the common herd of new music without attaining top status.  That’s where Disc 2 comes in.  It’s a place to record that second tier of great tunes aren’t quite great enough on their own to […]

  • Whatever The Party Calls For – Best Songs of 2016 Part I

    | Radio, Songs

    This year was the first in three years that I’ve bothered to put together a year end best of compilation annual CD, as we had for so many years before.  For whatever the reason, I got bored with current, nowaday music.  I started listening to classical!  It was bad.  This year, maybe because of the […]

  • A Wintry Mix – December 7, 2016

    | Radio, Songs
    Snow Town

    On Bubble Wrap radio this week, we tried to stay away from Christmas without being totally unseasonal in our selections.  The end result was a wintry mix of new stuff just in and songs from past years with the words “winter” or “snow” in their titles.  I know, it’s a cheap algorithm but it works, and gives […]

  • From the Archives: Interview with Bride of Funkenstein Dawn Silva

    | Interview

    In 2002, we got in touch with Dawn Silva to discuss the Brides of Funkenstein, Parliament, Funkadelic, and a whole range of fun stuff, including new music she had just released. Dawn Silva 2002-10-25 Some people spend their whole life wondering what they should be doing. Others go to a concert, decide they want to […]

  • A Return To Normalcy – November 30, 2016

    | Radio

    This week on Bubble Wrap radio show, we vowed a return to normalcy.  Did we succeed?  Let’s see…. Obligatory Prince track?  check.  Unknown 80s Italo funk cut? got it.  Interesting new music from Chicago?  Yup.  Ok, we’re back at least for the moment. The Italo funk was “Living” by Island and Holiday, a 1980s remix […]