Too Hot – May 17, 2017

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Indeed, it was too hot in the 3rd floor studio of WVEW on Main Street in Brattleboro where this week’s edition of Bubble Wrap beamed forth undaunted. To celebrate the heat wave (93 degrees in May!), CG played “Too Hot” by Kool and the Gang, a band that was never cool but always brought a smile. This emboldened us to follow it up with Steely Dan’s “Black Friday” which dovetailed nicely with the Dow’s 373 point drop earlier in the day.

It wasn’t all oldies though. Among the newer tracks, we especially liked “Caught in a Lie” by Chastity Belt, another new entry in the ongoing revival of “girls who rock.” See also “Ferris Wheels” by Thyla, from the seaside town of Brighton, England.

  • Arabesque – May 3, 2017

    | Radio

    Bubble Wrap radio launched into May with new music from Charly Bliss, Couleur Dessin, Cory Hanson, Blithe Field (a new favorite) and Waxahatchee, as well as a long list of runners up.  Due to a hard drive failure affecting the musical fortunes of DJ CG, there is less funk on this show than usual. Blithe […]

  • Insufficient Funds – April 26, 2017

    | Radio

    On Bubble Wrap this week, we showcased two artists new to us who have purchase-worthy albums out right now:  winsome punk rockers The Courtneys and the exotic “dance” band Acid Arab.  The Courtneys (of Vancouver, Canada) take me straight back to the early days of DIY indie rock and what song could better represent that […]

  • The Rumors Are True – April 19, 2017

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    Frog Haiku Memorial By Eckhard Pecher (Self-photographed) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

    For the better part of last week, I was haunted by Tom Courtenay — not the actor, who I don’t remember, but the song by Yo La Tengo. It came out on Electr-O-Pura in 1995 and provided melodic counterpoint to what was otherwise one of the band’s noisier, dronier phases. We started Bubble Wrap Radio with it, noting to ourselves that noisy guitar-driven rock is bound to come back one of these days. Oh wait! it already has….at least in places like Slovenia.

  • Swindle – April 12, 2017

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    New music galore and lots of Prince marked this week’s Bubble Wrap show. On the new music front, highlights included Hurray For The Riff, Swindle, New Pornographers, and struggling artist Andrew Joslyn. From the Prince 12″ archive, we got “Hot Thing” and “U Got The Look” among others.

  • Spring Sing – March 22, 2017

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    It’s been a little hard to tell that Spring is here, at least in Southern Vermont, from whence Bubble Wrap radio emanates, but not surprisingly, a lot of new and vernal tunes have come our way. New tracks from Albin Andersson, The Shins (“Cherry Hearts”), Peonies, and our favorite New York composer, Bill LePage, top the list. We also through a bunch of 12″ remixes out there from the ’80s, including rarely heard versions of Kraftwerk and Sade.

  • Morning (Never) Comes – March 8, 2017

    | Radio

    Bubble Wrap Radio continues with new music from Baltimore, the Netherlands, Chicago, New Jersey, and the UK. The Twelve Inch Revolution carries on with numerous Talking Heads extended mixes. No particular theme, just music for the moment. Favorite song of the evening was The Courtneys “Silver Velvet.”  Riot girls they ain’t but this song has […]

  • Save The Humans – March 1, 2017

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    The Master Mystery (1919

    With the everything sliding into depressing mayhem all around, it’s good to have an escape route mapped out so you have somewhere to go when you can’t take it anymore.  My map  is musical.  And say what you like about Donald Trump, he’s sure proved inspirational to a lot of artists, or at least, there […]

  • Be Here Now – February 22, 2017

    | Radio

    This week’s edition of Bubble Wrap featured new songs from Wild Skies, Annabelle’s Curse, and Sallie Ford, among many others.  On the funky side, we had a bunch of new old 12″ cuts from the 1980s, as well as an a capella version of Pleasure Principle by Janet Jackson. Wild Skies, from Chicago, gave us […]

  • We Are Spirits – February 15, 2017

    | Radio
    Chelsea Hotel NY

    Another week, another episode of Bubble Wrap. As winter waffles to a close–some days cold and snowy, some days balmy and 65–we decided to stay in the present tense this week and concentrate on the now. Why is this always a good idea? Whatever the reason, it translated into a some very new music such […]

  • From the Archives: Interview with Adriana Kaegi

    | Interview, Music
    Kid Creole Adrianna Kaegi

    In January of 2002, we interviewed Adriana Kaegi of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Here’s that interview: ….. IndieDisco was very fortunate to spend a bit of time with Adriana Kaegi, co-founder and creative director of Kid Creole and the Coconuts. She’s currently creating streaming media content for the fashion world and has designed and […]

  • Wander Away – February 8, 2017

    | Radio

    On this week’s Bubble Wrap, we wandered our way back to our original format, which is mostly new independent music with a healthy helping of older funk/r&b.  Playing mostly new music is relaxing in that you feel less responsible for your choices.  What’s on this week?  All the new stuff we’ve heard recently.  C’est simple! […]

  • Let’s Dance! February 1, 2017

    | Radio

    With the WVEW Groundhog Day Dance Party coming up the next day, we made a modest attempt to play even more dance music than usual on Bubble Wrap this week.  It seems easy but when you actually try to come up with universal dance list for everyone, you find that there’s no way.  People like […]