Summer of Black Lives Ending – September 21, 2016

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There were more police killings of black men this week, including Keith Scott and Terence Crutcher, bringing a sense of frustration and grief that can’t go away because they don’t stop happening…  This week’s Bubble Wrap show featured lots of funk, r&b, hip hop, and even some disco (imagine that), mostly addressing the black experience, punctuated by random, mostly white, pop songs of the last few years.  The music presented quite a contrast, and without meaning to, pointed out a pretty basic element of reality which is, that black people have much bigger problems on their hands than white people, and the music proves it.  See for yourself — play list below.

September 21, 2016
Summer of Black Lives Ending

Ju-Ju House – Red Baron
Luna – Indian Summer
The Echelon Effect – Your First Light My Eventide
Janelle Monae + Wondaland Records – Hell You Talmbout
Jamila Woods – LSD

The Coup – Dig It (remix)
Uffe – As Long As It Lasts
Rick James – Mr. Policeman
East India Youth – Turn Away
Kid Creole and the Coconuts – To Travel Sideways
Frank Ocean – Pink and White

Jungle Brothers – Black Man on Track
Nada Surf – Rushing
Salt n Pepa – Negro Wit An Ego
Pavement – Starlings In The Slipstream
Janet Jackson – Knowledge
Maps of Suburbia – Highway One

Zorak – Not Easy Being Evil
Zorak – Nugget Of Joy

De La Soul – Eye Patch
Ursa Major – Short Circuit Brain
Donna Summer – Live Is In Control
Starfinder – If I Were You

R.I.P. C. Martin Croker, aka Zorak