Channeling Rimsky-Korsakov On The Simpsons

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The other night, I happened to be listening to Pan Voyevoda by Rimsky-Korsakov when, to my surprise, out popped the Simpsons theme song. Not literally, but the theme R-K used to open his suite is the same, almost note for note, as the theme to the Simpsons.  It’s slower, to be sure, and unsyncopated, but to my ear it has a remarkable similarity. They sound like they’re even in the same key.  Could it be?

See for yourself.  Here’s the Introduction to Pan Voyevoda by Rimsky-Korsakov:

Here’s the Simpsons opening theme:

Was Danny Elfman channeling Rimsky-Korsakov when he wrote the Simpsons theme song? According to the Internet, I’m the only one who thinks so….