TAI Dai – May 22, 2024

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Everyone has their AI moment. This week was mine. Coincidentally, and with regard to technology, I got the complete Switched On series (boxed, of course) by Stereolab for my birthday, and fans of the show benefited. So much great stuff!

We had new tunes from Hungrytown, M. Vaughan, and Max Blansjaar — thanks, AA! New rock from Australia’s Letters From Camp and LA’s Sugar World. We are liking the new heavy rock.

And so much more.

May 22, 2024

Tony Bennett – Nuclear PSA
Bob Newhart – Siamese Cat
Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews – Our Classy Classy Show

Ben Osborne – Under A Tree
Louie Zong – Traces
* As The Flowers Fall – Velvet Skies ii
Hungrytown – Little Bird

Atarashii Gakko – Otonablue
Civil Defense – In Times Of Emergency
Junie – When We Do

Logae – Kauai
M. Vaughan – Cold Read
Max Blansjaar – Red Tiger

Solaris – Cat’s Away
Prince – Calhoun Square (aftershow in Buffalo, 2002)

Letters From Camp – Story Allegory
Sugar World – At the Center
Srevecoeur – Breil

xoxo Xopher – ProvolONE
Tim Conway – the Swiss Astronaut

Stereolab – Au Grand Jour
Ben Osborne – Dream Exchange
Cam Cole – Juke Joint
Wirreboyy – THC Parrot
* As The Flowers Fall – The Haze of a Dream

Alabama Sacred Harp Singers – Lost Words of Copernicus
De La Soul – No More No Less

Wirreboyy – Stupidgame
Stereolab – Super-Electric

Dazz Band – On The One For Fun
Newcleus – Jam On Revenge (instrumental)

* AI-generated by SUNO, an AI app released in December 2023 by Microsoft. Did we know that we were playing AI-generated music at the time? No, we did not. But we were suspicious enough to check and sure enough….

Photo credit: AI generated by DALL-E, Cameron Butler, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons