Rockin’ April – April 3, 2024

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April-Fancesco del Cossa

Kicking off the first official month of Spring here in the northeast, nature gave us snow! Back to back snowstorms no less. And the beauty of it all? Our power stayed on, so we were able to do Bubble Wrap on Wednesday night as we do every week (join us at

New music from too many artists to list unless you want to skip down to the playlist which is just a scroll down the page. We liked the latest track from Amerigo Gazaway (“We Ain’t Playin'”), The Drop Nineteens (“Nest”), and Les Amazones d’Afrique (“Flaws”) — and many more. We continue to be amused by Přetlak Věku. Twink the Toy Piano Band was fun. And new rock from The Future Unwritten, Mosaico, and Lame Rabbit woke us up in the second half.

This week’s mainstream guilty pleasure: Ariana Grande’s “Ordinary Things.”

RIP Joe Flaherty (of SCTV)

Follow along or see what you missed on the list below.

April 3, 2024
Rockin’ April

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?

D-Train – Music (Tony Humphries MasterMix)
Crumb – AMAMA
Amerigo Gazaway & Cavendish – We Ain’t Playin’ (featuring Dillon)

SCTV Theme
5 Neat Guys ad
Guy Cabellero Cable ad
Count Floyd – Treat Her Like A Lady

Señor Churro – Concierto Para Piano Numero 1, Op. 44
Fiore Laurentienne – Voile
Les Amazones d’Afrique – Flaws

The Cult – The Mail Must Go Through
Prince – Sometimes It Snows In April

Twink – Catnip
Přetlak věku – Parník
Astroballe – Impossible
The Speed of Sound – West Wind

Kid Creole & the Coconuts – Table Manners
Cameo – Energy

The Future Unwritten – Million Miles
Mosaico – Me Destapé
Lame Rabbit – Elle Déchire

Caprice – 100%
Janet Jackson – Gon’ B Allright

Nusantara Beat – Kota Bandung
Ariana Grande – Ordinary Things
Drop Nineteens – Nest

The Natastions – Superpeople
Chaz Jankel – Get Yourself Together

Goose – Atlas Dogs

Sylvers – Boogie Fever

Photo credit: April-Fancesco del Cossa; Francesco del Cossa, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons