Time Gone By – March 6, 2024

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Chinese Dancers
Image attribution: Keithtanwy, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This week’s discovery was China’s Shijing Stereosystem, a band from London, England with a decidedly Asian flavor. The new album is provocatively entitled Propaganda, and it’s terrific through and through. Big drums accompany music that can only be called Chinese, although our knowledge of traditional Chinese music comes primarily from watching movies. Here, the traditional sound is wedded to a mashup of indie rock, hip hop, and pop for an intoxicating blend. We especially enjoyed “Red Book” and “PinYin vs China Girl.”

We’ve also been enjoying The Revenants from Boston, whose sound changes with the year. The new album I Love You Pookie embodies a contemporary pop sound with the rough edges of indie rock. Seattle-based Hello Meteor are more in the electronic pop vein with elements of ambience. We played the mesmerizing “Egression Protocol.”

And finally, Louis Zong has a new record out called Rat Taxi, a bass-heavy jaunt through dancy genres in hommage to disco, boogie (yes, it is a genre, several in fact), swing, hip hop, and more. Utterly enjoyable as all his releases are.

But of course there’s more…

March 6, 2024
Time Gone By

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?
Sly5thAve – Monoxide
Louis Zong – Home Bass
The Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball (21st Century version)

The Watson Family – Muddy Roads
Groucho – Civil defense spot
? – Born Free
George Garabedian Players – Sound of Music (feat Herb Alpert)

China’s Shijing Stereosystem – Red Book
Gabu – A Kingdom’s Ballad
Beatles – Good Day Sunshine
Chaka Khan – This Is My Night

Mary Timony – Looking For The Sun
Pink Pablo – Falco
The Revenants – Sly and Unseen

Evelyn Champagne King – Til I Come Off The Road
Sun Ra – Springtime in Chicago
Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman

Bandidoband – Enter Stuntman
Treeball – Definition of Pop
Donna Summer – Bad Girls
Helen Reddy – I’m Every Woman

Caribe Acido – La Carrera de Los Perros
Beastie Boys with 4XM All Stars – So What’Cha Want (Napster remix)
Diego Pelaez – Drive My Car
Bjork – On Top Of The World

Hello Meteor – Egression Protocol
China’s Shijing Soundsystem – Pinyin vs China Girl