Cooler Than Cats – March 27, 2024

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Chill cool ooty

Since no one heard last week’s show, we decided to play parts of it again.  But the tide of hits never stops and we couldn’t resist throwing in a few new tracks.  We were won over by Hungrytown’s new single, “Feel Like Falling,” and not just because they’re from Vermont.  The Sonitus Function’s mathematical number “Don’t Worry” from Everyone’s And Everything’s Okay album is fun. 

Taking top honors for originality is Přetlak věku from the Czech Republic with their album …nebo maliny.  It’s theatrical, it’s funny, it’s Eastern European!  We enjoyed it.

Discover more singular songs in the list below…

March 27, 2024
Cooler Than Cats

Přetlak věku – Skřítek

Lemonheads – Mrs. Robinson
Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Now
Kate Bush – Wow

Quincy Jones – On The Street Where You Live
George Formby – When I”m Cleaning Windows
Abbot & Costello – Who’s On First

Four Tet – Loved
Francis of Delirium – Blue Tuesday
TILT – While We’re On It

B52s – Rock Lobster
B52s – Hot Lava

The Sonitus Function – Don’t Worry
KANGA – Only Revolutions
New Dreams – Eastside

Quincy Jones – Soul Bossa Nova
Gene Wilder – Pure Imagination
Emeralds – Candy Shoppe

Hungrytown – Feel Like Falling
Carol Martini – Three Little Numbers
Carol Martini – Just In Time

Holger Czukny – Blessed Easter

Real Estate – Freeze Brain
Lunar Ticks – Misery Co.
Too Many Templates – Richer

Photo credit: சௌந்தர்யா சுந்தரம், CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons