Snow Shine – February 21, 2024

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New music is back now that Valentines Day is out of the way.  Who knew such an antiquated holiday could prove to be such a distraction from the important task of releasing tunes….

Favorite records this week:

The Cyrkle‘s Revival: Indeed, an album of brand new material from the mid 60s pop band that gave us the single “Red Rubber Ball” (a Paul Simon cover).  Wow, such harmonies.  We especially liked “Singing For Tomorrow” and “We Can Find It,” with echoes of Todd Rundgren and Steely Dan enhancing the blissful ultrapop of a forgotten era.

The RevenantsA Slight Disturbance of the Mind: Where The Cyrkle are light, The Revenants are the opposite — heavy, with churning guitars, major bass and drums, and song writing out of the late Beatles drug period. I found myself thinking — these guys must be great in some grungy Boston club like Bunratty’s or the Rat…  And I’ll bet they are too.

While we’re doing heavy, the gothy shoegaze of Lesser Angels on “Burn It Away” gave us a turn as well.

Winter continues but we have our tunes to keep us warm…

February 21, 2024
Snow Shine

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?
Ian Schoales – Cold War
Animaniacs – The Presidents
Robert Israel – Match Game

Нанайцы, Николай Батунович Киле (Russia) – колыбельная 4 – Lullaby
Max Blansjaar – Anna Madonna
The Cyrkle – Singing For Tomorrow

Firehaus 5 + 2 – Shake That Thing
Ilene Woods – Work Fantasy (Cinderella outtake)

Armchair Boogie – Hard Times
September Moon – Anymore
The Cyrkle – 59th Street Bridge Song (cover)

Sonny Curtis – A Beatle I Want To Be
WDW – DJ Technoid
Dennis Day – The Apple Song

Zanias – Earthborn
Art Feynman – Chasing My Life
The Revenants – The Wonder Of It All

Matt Burden – Maze of Leaves
The Revenants – A Slight Disturbance
Lesser Angels – Burn It Away

Curtis Mayfield – Freddie’s Dead
Johnny Boy – You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes (and You Get What You Deserve)
Black Francis – She Took All The Money

Atarashii Gakkoi – Hello
Boychi – Turn Me Up
Vampire Weekend – Capricorn
The Cyrkle – We Can Find It

Ethel Smith – Blame it on the Samba
Prince – Computer Blue