Cautiously Hopeful – September 20, 2023

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Bubble Wrap, the radio show, continues intermittently. We continue to broadcast the show from our home base every Wednesday night we can from 7-9pm. We had more than a few technical difficulties this year, but we aren’t complaining. We’re lucky to be able to do the show at all. Sometimes we think of giving it up, but then it becomes a matter of “but what of all the new music?” and it’s difficult to walk away.

Speaking of new music, this week featured lots of it along with the usual funky dance tracks, oddities, and historical chestnuts that always accompany it.

We led off with a guy calling himself Rev C the Gray with some power pop home brew called “Here We Go Again,” which might be an appropriate name for a song by a guy who’s suddenly making music again after a somewhat long time, and finding that he still likes it a lot! Nice track.

We also discovered Pachira from Guatemala, whose Earthbound album has qualities of being deep in spiritualized nature, a nice feeling to have as fall encroaches on the northern lands…

Other highlights — the Byrdsian harmonies of eastern rain, Helena Deland’s delectable and beguiling performance on Spring Bud, and Teledram’s irresistable indie on Loureda (with hints of such foundational bands as the Replacements and REM!). In fact, listening to Teledram’s song again I wonder I didn’t give them a whole sentence of their own–that’s how much I love this song. Did I mention that it’s 6 minutes long?

Moving on, our buddies at Chillhop have a new seasonal comp out–Chillhop Essentials Fall 2023. This week, we played “Sunrise” by the Aves and “Tomorrow” by Hanz. This year’s Chillhop interpretation of autumn seems to have an upbeat hopeful quality to it, or maybe it’s my faulty memory comparing this to the sad romance of last year’s winter mix. Either way, gotta love it and the cover art is beautiful. We love that someone’s always reading a book…

More songs below…

September 20, 2023
Cautiously Hopeful

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?
Rev C The Gray – Here We Go Again
Laboratorium Pieśni – Karanfilče Devojče (PACHIRA Remix)

Firehouse 5 + 2 – Firehouse Stomp
Skeets Yancy – Candy Coated Lies
Mel Blanc – Money

eastern rain – what remains
Helena Deland – Spring Bud
Teledram – Loureda

Mel Blanc – Flying Saucers
Billy Preston – Outa Space
Fan Girl – Falling
DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ – Honey

The High Lo’s – Little White Lies
The Jeiters – She Lived Next to a Firehouse
Emergency Broadcast Jingle
Ian Schoales – Mistakes
Funkadelic – Super Stupid

Deeper – Tele
Friends of Cesar Romero – You Lied (Young You’re Gonna Cry)
Manxx – You’re Losing Me

911 – 911 (radio edit)
Public Enemy – 911 is a Joke

Aves – Sunrise
Gloria Pavia – Ya se de que color son tos ojos
eastern rain – on the precipice

Chaka Khan – So Naughty