Take A Chance – September 10, 2020

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Music from Rennes, Trondheim, Mali, and more this week on Bubble Wrap, along with a big handful of American artists. “Worry” by Songhoy Blues topped the list of singles with a slap of funky rock power about keeping up the fight. Sharada Shashidhar does the weird jazz, Rïga constructs thrumming industrial rhythms and calls it “Mikrofilm.”

On the pop side, Eep’s “Hogar,” The Audio Particle’s “All There Is…”, and Syntax Valley’s “Are You Happy” (yes!) are all winners. “Are You Happy” even throws in a key change.  We also liked the latest album from Philly artist Shelf Life (FLAWLESS) and led off our exploration of that record with “Worth.”

We’re still listening to Cocotte and Gimgigam and had new/old tracks from them as well. Cocotte, if you remember was the “retrowave” outfit from Grenoble, while the Japanese artist Gimgigam is more in the Vapor Pop zone (I just made that up).

Oh, and “September” of course — two songs, same title. One you’ll know, the other, probably not.

So much new music now that people have less to do…..

Read on for all you need to know about this week’s Bubble Wrap.

September 10, 2020
Take A Chance

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?
Songhoy Blues – Worry
Sharada Shashidhar – Loose Ends
The Audio Particle – All There Is
Riga – Mikrofilm

Chaka Khan – I Was Made To Love Him
Antoine Dongbe – Nou Akuenon Hwlia Me Sin Kousio

Cults – Trials
Naked Giants – Take A Chance
Land of Talk – Footnotes

Stump – September
Dip in the Pool – Again
Eep – Hogar
Eels – Baby Let’s Make It Real
Tara – Oceans

Earth, Wind and Fire – September (FPM Beautiful Latin Remix)
Disclosure – Energy

Gimgigam – Reverie
Gimgigam – Ghost in the Sea
Cocotte – Creme Chantilly

Michael Jackson – Black or White (C&C House with Guitar Mix)

Rocketship – What’s The Use of Books
Shelf Life – Worth
Syntax Valley – Are You Happy?

Joe Goddard – Lasers feat Zoee and Mr Lexx (frag)