Awaiting April Showers – April 15, 2020

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April Showers Sheet Music

Bubble Wrap, the pandemic edition, continues every Wednesday night from 7-9pm on WVEW in Brattleboro, VT. Our listenership has expanded as family and friends, bored of social isolation, tune in. More new music, as always: Hayley Williams, Kiss The Tiger, Kamilita, and Rinse top the list. Best of show goes to Laura Marling for “Strange Girl” from her Songs for our Daughter release (Marling doesn’t have a daughter). Hats off to Dem Chocolodytes for getting the essential nature of chocolate, especially during a national emergency. We also liked the indie girl sound of Chairhouse on “Cowboy Song.”

In between all that, lots of funk, go go and hip hop to keep you on your toes.

April 15, 2020
Awaiting April Showers

Space Ghost – What Day Is It?
Kiss The Tiger – Motel Room
Hayley Williams – Roses Lotus Violet Iris
Swamp Dogg with John Prine – Please Let Me Go Around Again

Natalie Merchant / Michael Stipe – Little April Showers
WDW – Monorail Waiting
Kid Creole – But I Got You
Dem Chocolodytes – I Wanna Eat Chocolate Bars

Rinse – Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me
Devir 2019 Mix 9
Laura Marling – Strange Girl

De La Soul – Who’s Skatin’ Promo
DJ Riko – Say Yes To Schooly
Funkadelic – Oh I

Chairhouse – Cowboy Song
Kamilita – Can U
Adventures In Stereo – God Help Us (a cappella)

Dum Dum Girls – He Gets Me High
D’Angelo – Jonz In My Bonz
DXT/Bootsy – If 666 was ’96

Cinori – Sokongoleko Kalaba
Balkan Taksim – Zalina

Cameo – Cameosis
Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise


Photo Credit: Wikipedia.  New York : Harms, publisher / Public domain