Dry County – July 3, 2019

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When July 4 rolls around, you know it’s summer. Here on Bubble Wrap, we continue to wonder what this summer’s hit will be. Read on for one prediction. Digging deep into the archives, we brought out some antiquated oldies from the days when recording anything onto anything was a marvel. That and summer songs galore, a few new releases, and a seasonal story from Lynda Barry about the joy of fireworks.

B52s – Cosmic Thing.  As I recall, it was a very hot summer the year this album came out.  Cosmic Thing was the perfect accompaniment to lazy days and steamy nights.  Who didn’t want to check out the Love Shack? We played “Dry County” and “Roam.”

Lizzo – Juice.  Half of us are convinced that Lizzo’s way popular “Juice” is this year’s summer hit.  Half of us are willing to accept that this is true, having heard nothing else that even comes close.

Joni Mitchell – Hissing of Summer Lawns.  Hissing of Summer Lawns is not what most people think of when they think ‘summer record’ but it certainly feels like one with references to swimming pools and lawn sprinklers, kids in cars and southern belles.  We played the title track along with that short-story-in-song, “Harry’s House / Centerpiece.”

Shelly Blake – They Hate Our Freedom Blues.  Shelly Blake is one of those artists who no longer exists on the Internet.  “They Hate Our Freedom Blues” is a 2005 protest song of sorts, featuring just Blake and his guitar, about the vicissitudes of the Bush years (Dubya, that is).  If you remember those times, he nails it. If you don’t, it’s a good reminder that there have been other terrible presidents.

Amber Mark – What If.  Killer r&b ballad evocative of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson from the mid 1980s, lush strings and all.

Dizzy Fae – Johnny Bravo.  Dizzy Fae falls into the adult contemporary style, musically, but with a hint of indie flair.  Her real strength is her lyrics and the way she delivers them, with dizzying ease.  From St. Paul, MN.

July 3, 2019
Dry County

Sousa’s Band – Fairest of the Fair March (1909)
Gene Marshall – President Richard Nixon

Jessica Fletchers – Summer Holiday and Me
B52s – Roam
Joni Mitchell – Harry’s House / Centerpiece

Merle Evans / Ringling Brothers Band – Circus Echoes
President’s Own US Marine Band – The Liberty Bell
Bensenville Municipal Band – Alexander – Olympia Hippodrome

Jay Som – Superbike
Ice Cream – Peanut Butter
Strawberry Whiplash – Summershine

Buffalo Niagara Concert Band – Stars and Stripes
Lynda Barry – The 4th of July
BBC Sound FX – Fireworks

Shelly Blake – They Hate Our Freedom Blues
PT Barnum – Personal Speech to the Future (1890)
Sousa’s Band – Yazoo Dance (1895)

Joni Mitchell – Hissing of Summer Lawns
Amber Mark – What If
Dizzy Fae – Johnny Bravo (Radio Edit)

Lizzo – Juice
Galaxy 500 – Fourth of July
Pavement – Summer Babe
B52s – Dry County

Bensenville Municipal Band – Billboard
Merle Evans – Wedding of the Winds