City of Fun – May 29, 2019

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This week, we had the unusual pleasure of playing music by a local band, those popularizers of so-called ‘heart rock’ known as Yellowfront, from the bonny burg of Brattleboro, VT.  Also on the list, newer releases from Dream Syndicate, Amyl and the Sniffers, Sinkane, among others.

Sinkane.  Most of the bands that do Lagniappe Sessions for Aquarium Drunkard do quick little recordings of their chosen covers that are fun and original, but not overly produced.  Not so Sinkane, a Toronto artist with big plans and a big band.  His covers of “Sledgehammer” and “Come Together” are impressive, replete with funky horns, full background choir, and the whole enchilada of instrumentation.  If this is off the cuff, I’d like to meet their tailor.

Yellowfront. Composed of two siblings and a friend, Yellowfront put out a brand of homespun indie you don’t hear much anymore, reminding us of the likes of Small Factory and Portastatic.  Here, as with their predecessors, guitar is an instrument of emotional expression, emanating from the heart of every song. Great stuff.  We played “Cool Breeze” and “Learn to Dive.”

Amyl & the Sniffers – Gacked on Anger.  It’s a quick storm but it’s furious while it lasts.  Punk rock rules!

Swingle Singers.  Did you know that The Swingle Singers interpreted Star Wars?  Well they did — the whole Star Wars soundtrack suite.  Double joy for geeks everywhere.

Verdigirls – Women In Fiction.  Slightly precious but decidedly quality indie pop, asking a question that could only be asked in the present era:  “How does it feel to feel real?”  Violin and cello provide the body underlying Verdigirls’ delicate vocals.    From Brooklyn.

May 29, 2019
City of Fun

The Only Ones – City of Fun
Gyl Tryhall – Folsom City Blues
Circa Waves – Times Won’t Change Me.
Seratones – Gotta Get To Know Ya
Sinkane – Sledgehammer

The Once – You’re My Best Friend
OneOhTrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer

Amyl & The Sniffers – Gacked On Anger
The Dream Syndicate – Black Light
Mattiel – Keep The Change

Bomba Estereo & System Solar – Carnavalera
Gil Tryhall – Yakety Moog

Yellowfront – Cool Breeze
Yellowfront – Learn To Dive
Swingle Singers – Star Wars
Sweet Honey in the Rock – On Children

Sinkane – Come Together
Zlatan – This Year
Verdigirls – Women In Fiction
The National – Rylan

The Time – The Bird (remix – Radio edit)
Akron/Family – Onward, Trainstop, Bookmark
Bedrock feat KO – For What You Dream Of