Working It Out – May 15, 2019

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Over a substrata of new equipment shock, the themes for this week’s Bubble Wrap show were partying, relationships, and…that’s about it really.  The perennial themes of pop music.  If you were listening, you might have heard Ohio Players and En Vogue, or Lou Reed and Sting, or MorMor and Pure Bathing Culture.  You would have partied and thought about relationships.  It would have been great.

Pure Bathing Culture – All Night.  A shimmery dance pop number from Portland, OR.

Get Up Kids – The Problem Is Me.  This one turns us on the way Superchunk did back in the 90s.  Guitars.  Rock.  Rock guitars!

Les Poules à colin – Morbleur, Sambleur.  Lovely Quebecois/Maritimes folk music with an updated traditional sound.

Ohio Players.  Funky r&b from the 70s for one and y’all.

Carlton Jumel Smith.  Mr. Smith is part of a new and welcome trend in pop — the soul/r&b revival.  For us, it started with Daptone out of Brooklyn, but now there are artists everywhere bringing back the old styles.

Imperial Teen – We Do What We Do Best.  Yes they do, and this record is an excellent example.  What Imperial Teen do best is be Imperial Teen.  I happen to like their sound so that’s a good thing.

Lou Reed – Perfect Day.  Have you figured it out yet?

May 15, 2019
Working It Out

Pure Bathing Culture – All Night
The Get Up Kids – The Problem Is Me
Claude Fontaine – Pretending He Was You

Gramatik – Break Loose
En Vogue – You Don’t Have To Worry

Les Poules à colin – Morbleur, Sambleur
Sting – Children’s Crusade

Ohio Players – Pain
Ohio Players – Food Stamps Y’all
Madonna – Into the Groove

Lou Reed – Perfect Day
Carlton Jumel Smith – Help Me (Save Myself From Myself)
Graveyard Club – It Hurts

Caprice – 100%
Craze – Ride Dat Donkey
Middle Kids – Real Things
MorMor – Outside
Quantic – Atlantic Oscillations

George Clinton – There I Go Again
Imperial Teen – We Do What We Do Best
Drinker – Model