Tumult for the Pedigreed – May 22, 2019

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Lots of calls this week from the faithful listeners of radioland. We appreciate hearing from them. Otherwise, radio is a bit like talking to yourself, or in our case, playing each other songs and then talking about them. This week on Bubble Wrap, we talked about the luscious weather, our annoyance with “the Man,” and (of course) music, from Kid Creole to Oingo Boingo with Budos Band, Cate Le Bon, Vampire Weekend, and Bristol Maloney in between.

Cate Le Bon – Mother’s Mother Magazine. Cate is from somewhere in Wales, and at first I thought she might be a daughter of Simon. But it seems not. She is much stranger and more otherworldly than Simon, for one thing. We like her. Because it is next week as I type this, I can tell you that we will have more Cate Le Bon next week. 😉

Titus Andronicus – Tumult Around The World. We couldn’t agree more — the world is highly tumultuous right now, and only getting more so. As this band remark in another song, “I blame society.” But that’s just me and Titus Andronicus. This band rocks majorly. Check them out if you’re in need of inspiration for the revolution.

Garçons – Pedigree. Funky number from Ottawa’s Garçons, a duo fronted by Nigerian-born Deelo Avery. Watch the video.

Vanishing Twin – KRK (At Home In Strange Places). Loungy and chill is this track from London’s Vanishing Twin, who have a new album The Age of Immunology coming out on Fire Records in June. Shades of Stereolab, but they give it their own spin.

Migrant Kids – Follower. They call it “psychedelic jungle rock,” I call it moody nuevo goth, let’s call the whole thing off! From Austin…

Briston Maroney – Caroline. The plaintive tone of Briston Maroney’s voice give this one a country folk feel, as he reluctantly pushes his beloved friend on to the fame she deserves. A song about leaving home.

The Oohlas – Lemmings Anthem. A forgotten gem of the super indie pop subgenre of the late 2000s. You can still see the “video” though…

May 22, 2019
Tumult for the Pedigreed

Kid Creole – (No More) Casual Sex
The Ognayaya Naa Show Band- Disco Africa

The Budos Band – Old Engine Oil
Cate Le Bon – Mother’s Mother Magazine
Titus Andronicus – Tumult Around The World

The Oohlas – Lemmings Anthem
Ootutaichi – Misen Gymnastics

Big Thief – UFOF
Garçons – Pedigree
Warren Thomas Fenzi – Live Outside

Noonday Underground – You Keep Me Holding On
OMD – Enola Gay
Vampire Weekend – How Long?
Vanishing Twin – KRK (At Home In Strange Places)

Norman Newell – More
Nina Simone – Revolution (Pt 1 & 2)

Pulp – Mile End
Migrant Kids – Follower
WIVES – Waving Past Nirvana

Oneida – Run Through My Hair
The Old South Quartet – Pussy Cat Rag
Joel Lyssarides – Semblance
Briston Maroney – Caroline
Jess Clinton – The Runaway

Nirvana – Best Friend’s Girl
Oingo Boingo – California Girls