Rain These Days – Playlist for April 17, 2019

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Indeed, it has been stereotypically rainy this April, and tonight was no exception. But Bubble Wrap Radio must go on. We played “Rain,” a perfectly lovely song performed by Julian Lynch as captured by music minutiae blog Aquarium Drunkard. Also, new Jamila Woods, Anderson .Paak, Beck, and 26 Bats! Oldies from Natural Child, Negativland, The Nerves and Nils Lofgrin, as well as two from New Order. So much to listen to, and yet a mere raindrop in the bucket compared to the ocean of new music that’s out there.

26 Bats! – I’m Ok. Soulful sounds from Minnesota music collective Kriyative Emblems of a Blue Soul Renaissance..

Jamila Woods – We were thrilled to run into Jamila Woods again, after fully enjoying her 2016 HEAVN album. Her new song “ZORA” from LEGACY! LEGACY! is everything we could have hoped for — an offkilter, slightly uneasy setting for Woods’ lyric poetry. Nice vocal arrangements too.

Julian Lynch – Rain. This was a special commission from Aquarium Drunkard, who do this sort of thing. They call it Lagniappe Sessions, in which they have a usually obscure artist do cover songs. This one is Lynch’s original take on Madonna’s single, “Rain.”

Unperfect – Gots to Give the Girl. Although I think of myself as an indie person who is above this sort of thing, I grew up in the era of AM and FM rock/pop radio when hits were everything. So I like to hear songs that are trying to be hits. This one is pretty groovy — sort of an updated Spice Girls kind of thing. Girl groups seem to be having a resurgence. I blame it on the Koreans.

Anderson .Paak – What is it with these names? Punctuation, capitalization, Internet-proof spelling. But I understand. At any rate, what I meant to say is that Paak is great. We’ve been liking him from afar since Malibu. This year’s “King James” is stellar. It reminds us a little of D’Angelo and his ilk, but that’s just a ballpark comparison. Anderson .Paak is, dare I say it?, rising above the pack of contemporary soulful hiphop.

Beck – Saw Lightning. Despite the participation of Pharrell Williams, we like this tune, especially his funky evocation of ZZ Top. DJ C correctly predicted that there would be an obvious count-off of 4 beats before the song kicks in, and indeed, that’s how it begins. I was impressed that he had picked up on this Pharrell trademark.

Club Night – Mute. Club Night is pretty classic international-style indie. The female vocalist has an indeterminately foreign quality that, coupled with a fairly outré musical accompaniment, makes one think of underground music from some eastern European industrial city, recorded in an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs… From Oakland, CA.

New Order – Temptation. The series continues. How can you resist?

Full list follows….

April 17, 2019
Rain These Days

Weaves – Walkaway
Nellie Lutcher – Hurry on Down
The Nerves – Hangin’ On The Telephone
Natural Child – Out in the Country

26 Bats! – I’m Ok
Natalie Price – These Days
Jamila Woods – ZORA
NEeMA – Escape
Negativland – Influential You
The Negro Problem – Ahmnot Madatcha

Julian Lynch – Rain
Unperfect – Gots To Give The Girl
Anderson .Paak – King James
Nils Lofgren – Keth Don’t Go (Ode to a Glimmer Twin)
Neil Innes – How Sweet To Be An Idiot
Nervous Norvus – Noon Balloon to Rangoon

Beck – Saw Lightning
The Bad Man – Operation Exhaustion
Oceanwires – Beware the Heartless
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle (Arnaud van Helden mix)

Club Night – Mute
New Order – Temptation
The Nein – Attitude and Mirrors
Ni-Hao! – Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio (Ramones cover)