On The Wing – April 3, 2019

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On the Wing

This week’s Bubble Wrap radio show featured music by Maze, theme park snippets, and three whole songs by Clinic (who have a new album out this year). Due to a syncing disaster, all the new songs for this week’s show were not available when called upon, but we made up for that with a bunch of really good old songs we had laying around. For instance…

The Playwrights – Guy Debord Is Really Dead. The world may have forgotten you but we haven’t. Bristol, England band from the mid Aughts who brought obscure leftist politics into music in a compelling way. A bit ahead of their time, sadly.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – In This Home On Ice. Although their output has been spotty since their much lauded first album, that eponymous debut still holds up.

The Apparitions. The band is gone but thankfully, the wicked cool animated video lives on: God Monkey Robot.

Rudiger – Woof! This number is right up there with Pool Party as one of our favorite dance tracks of 2019.

April 3, 2019
On The Wing

The Playwrights – Guy DeBord Is Really Dead
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – In This Home On Ice
WDW – Big Thunder Safety Spiel
Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know

The Apparitions – God Monkey Robot
Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass
Justice – D.A.N.C.E.
JJ Johnson and his Orchestra – Harlem Clavinette
Lizzy Mercier Descloux – Fire

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (Rhythm Scholar remix)
FKJ – Joy
Red Velvet – Red Flavor

WDW – Please Stand Clear of the Doors
Maze – Joy & Pain
Primal Scream – Trainspotting

Walt Disney – Describes Disneyland Pirate Ride
Maze – Timin’

Clinic – Come Into Our Room
Clinic – Rubber Bullets
Clinic – Pet Eunich

EU – Shake It Like A White Girl
WDW – The Bear Band Serenade
Rudiger – Woof!
Versing – Tethered
Tame Impala – Patience