Deep Down – March 27, 2019

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One of the accidental themes of this week’s Bubble Wrap show was the bass, which is doubly coincidental since we’ve been watching a lot of instructional videos from this hot young bassist Alissia Benveniste. We listened to Bootsy Collins’ “Thera-P” which features her and Tyshawn Colquitt. Also, new music from Jenny Lewis, Jealous of the Birds, FKJ, and Joseph Shabason, not to mention an outburst of weird spring songs and a sprinkling of rap.

Jenny Lewis. She’s back with a simple but bassy track called Little White Dove. Vague but evocative lyrics, maybe a smidge too long for radio, but it’s Jenny Lewis, so what the hell.

HAELOS. What’s up with the all caps band names lately? And with an ‘ash’ grapheme in there besides. For an electronic band, they’re clearly making a statement against rigid standardization. This British band recently performed at SXSW which is how we happened to hear this live showcase track. Thanks, KUTX.

Jealous of the Birds. Ditto for this live track from the same showcase. Jealous of the Birds, despite the ungainly name, are definitely going places if their reception on NPR is any indication. I like them too.

Guster – Overexcited. Are they really from Boston? because their singer sounds British as hell. This is a cute song. The world is so serious, it’s nice to hear a band just messing around.

Joseph Shabason. Really nice long form jazz, updated for the virtual world.

FKJ – Leaving My Home. Title aside, more happy lounge pop for the international set.

Sasami – Jealousy. Second track I’ve heard by Sasami, who is Sasami Ashworth from LA (formerly of Cherry Glazerr). “Jealousy” is a bit more conventional than Not The Time from last week, but it’s different enough from the usual fare in this lyrical niche to be enjoyable.

Oh Pep! – Truth. Oh Pep! belie their name with this low key track. From Australia.

March 27, 2019
Deep Down

Brian Eno – Deep Blue Sky

Johnny Cash – When It’s Springtime in Alaska (It’s 40 Below)
The Carter Family – When the Springtime Comes Again
Jonathan Richman – Springtime in NY

Jenny Lewis – Little White Dove
Fews – Paradiso
HAELOS – End of the World Party (Live in Austin)

Bootsy Collins – Thera-P (Tyshawn Colquitt and Alissia Benveniste)
Mitski – Let’s Get Married

Guster – Overexcited
Helado Negro – Fantasma Vaga
Joseph Shabason – Long Swim

Rare Essence – VIP
Q Tip – Work It Out (clean)

FKJ – Leave My Home
Oh Pep! – Truth
Sasami – Jealousy

SaltnPepa – Step
De La Soul – Tread Water

Bayonne – Drastic Meaning
Jealous of the Birds – Blue Eyes
Jealous of the Birds – Russian Doll (live in Austin)

Louis Armstrong – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
Sun Ra – Springtime in Chicago