Bring on the Effectron – April 10, 2019

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Bubble Wrap radio featured another batch of new tunes from around the country and the world including Blackpink, AlaskaAlaska, and Trina South. Also on tap — historic Disney park audio rarities, funk, go go, and a killer version of Benny and the Jets by Master Plan.

Real Terms – Digging all the way back to 2017 for this one. Vaguely Malkmusian but unquestionably British. Worth resurrecting.

Please – Still Dreaming. Late 60s pop band from Britain. This track could be covered today and still work nicely. As it is, old instruments and recording give it away.

Blackpink – Ok, this is the K-Pop band that’s going to finally crack the US market, so they say. I still have my money on Red Velvet, but Blackpink are cute too.

Son Volt – While Rome Burns. There’s nothing I don’t like about Jay Farrar, but this track is just a little too obvious for me. And anyway, is it Rome we’re burning?

AlaskaAlaska – Moon. I expected to be underwhelmed by this track, but it turned out not to be the EDM I was expecting. As it is, it has just enough quirks to keep it interesting. From Belgium.

Sleeper – Atomic. Remember Sleeper? Me either. This cover is so faithful, you’ll swear it’s Blondie.

Trina South – Kamba Nyo. Excellent hip hop track from Zambia, taking a different and more feminine approach to the genre.

April 10, 2019
Bring on the Effectron

Real Terms – Lake Trasimene
Please – Still Dreaming
Brandon Wayne Demaris – Shooting Stars

Effectron – Don’t Stop That Go Go Beat
Black Pink – Don’t Know What To Do
Jake Lloyd – Daily Interlude (DSII producer)
Linda Smith – I So Liked Spring

Lionel Hampton – Funky Chicken
The Mad Lads – No Time Is Better Than Right Now

The Dip – She Gave Me The Keys
Son Volt – While Rome Burns
Alex Schaef – Drive On

Disneyland – WEDWay Peoplemover Audio (1970s)
Bill Baird – Strigidae
AlaskaAlaska – Moon
Sleeper – Atomic

Hijrah – Deadly Deceiver
Louis Armstrong – Whistle While You Work
Daniel Norgren – Let Love Run The Game
Trina South feat Lil Nah x Ricore – Kamba Nyo
Lady Midnight – Xotgun

Master Plan – Benny and the Jets
Jesus Wayne – The Chicago Party
Jakuzi – Istemezdim