Step Outside – February 13, 2019

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Due to the shortage of time, I’ll cut right to the chase:  weren’t The 360s great?  Audrey Clark was the epitome of cool and Eric Russell’s thrilling guitar was right up there with the best of the early ’90s Boston rockers.  Their “thing” was psychedelia, dressed down in bad boy/girl black leather.  I’d like to say I saw them at the Rat or Bunratty’s but I doubt I did.  I feel like the 360s were in their almost famous period at that point and a little too big for those rooms.  But I enjoyed their Supernatural CD many many times on walkman and boombox.  Check it out if you can find it — it’s still cool.

While you’re digging up oldies, don’t forget East River Pipe, an early indie effort by multi-instrumentalist F. M. Cornog of somewhere in Queens.  Shining Hours In The Can is my favorite ERP record, and “Happy Town” really shows to advantage what you could do with home recording in the early days of that craze.  Cornog was not a cheery guy, but he managed to convey his downbeat tunes in an appealing way.

Alert to Vermonters — one of our own made this week’s play list:  Henry Jamison for Burlington, VT.  His song “Ether Garden,” recently out, is in that grey zone between pop and folk, featuring pretty intertwining vocals and evocative lyrics that read like symbolist poetry.

More new music, old funk and go-go, and other gems in the Bubble Wrap Radio playlist below.

February 13, 2019
Step Outside

Chuck Brown – My Funny Valentine / I Can Make You Go Ooh
Chemtrails – Tedium’s Jaws
Ex Hex – Cosmic Cave

Toro Y Moi – Freelance
Teymori – Valley of Peach
East River Pipe – Make A Deal With The City
East River Pipe – Happy Town
Lampland – Did You Ever Wanna Know Why?

Tobiahs – Sculpted
Pnau & Nicholas Littlemore’s The Two Leaves Project – Save Disco

Henry Jamison – Ether Garden
Meg Kirsch – Hometown
Default Genders – Black Pill Skyline
Little Dragon – Timothy
Chuck Brown – Love Nationwide

Queen Zee – Idle Crown
360s – King o’ Cats
360s – Step Outside
Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Starting Something

Tallies – Beat The Heart
And The Kids – Strange To Be
Daisy O’Connor – Ether
The Heatwave (Mr. Lexx and Keida) – Walk out (BIA edit)
Keys n Krates – Glitter