Taking A Chance on 2019 – January 16, 2019

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Here we are in the newest of all years, 2019, so early in the year, there’s hardly any “new” music yet.  But late 2018 yielded a few picks for this week’s Bubble Wrap show which is close enough.  We liked the low key r&b of Citizen Cope’s “Justice,” which delivers a timely message of love for us all.  “So much trouble in the world, surrounded by miracles.”  Also in the message song category is Sean Pawling’s “Rio Grande” about a young woman trying to immigrate to the United States by illegally crossing the border.  Says Sean, “she’ll try it again and again and again.”  So much for building a wall.

In the best new Prince song not by Prince category, we grooved to St. Paul Peterson’s “You Got 2 Love,” recorded by the artist and his nephew.  In case you’re wondering if Peterson can really “do” Prince, it should be noted that he is a former Prince session player and sometime member of The Time.  This tune is groovy — Prince fans will like it.

This week’s nugget of antiquity was brought to us by Beat Happening, who were of course that great band from the late 80s – early 90s headed by a guy named Calvin of K Records fame.  We played our favorites including “Indian Summer” and “Godsend.”

Otherwise, it was funk all the way with Steve Arrington, the real and actual artist who was Prince, George Clinton, Cameo, Rare Essence, and more!

Read on for the happy details.

January 16, 2019
Taking A Chance

Prince – Ballad of Dorothy Parker
Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame – Week in the Knees

Citizen Cope – Justice
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Overload
Left At London – Revolution Lover

George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars – Bounce 2 This
Crooked Man – Turnaround
Generationals – Beggar In The House Of Plenty
Broadcast – Before We Begin
Cameo – You Can Have The World

Beat Happening – Indian Summer
Beat Happening – Cat Walk
Beat Happening – Godsend

Rare Essence – Where My Gangstas At? (radio)
Mineral – Your Body Is The World
Sean Pawling – Rio Grande
St. Paul Peterson – You Got 2 Love

Bootsy Collins – Bass-Rigged System
D-Train – Tryin’ To Get Over
Future Generations – Landscape