It Goes On – September 13, 2017

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This week on Bubble Wrap, we enjoyed the varied pleasures of Heartscore, Rainer Maria, Colaars, P.SUS, and Norma Jean, among many others. It was a veritable panoply of pop and funk.

The Steely Dan tribute continued in cover form with Nik Hunt’s version of “Do It Again” and a radio edit of “Show Biz Kids” by Rickie Lee.

Four Tet and GbV have new music out. We heard “Planet” and “Steppenwolf Mausoleum” respectively. Really enjoyed the cheekily Beatlesque Plants from Surrey, UK and blissful 60s pop-rockers Brian Just from (of all places) Minneapolis. Speaking of Minneapolis, we’re still enjoying the Purple Rain era rarities and b-sides recently released, unleashing “Wonderful Ass” on our unwary listeners.

I’m never sure if I should like Dent May but in the case of his new track, “Picture On A Screen,” I do. (If there was a micro-theme to tonight’s show, it was “The Sixties.”)

Read on for the full play list.

September 13, 2017
It Goes On

Heartscore – Peg (with James Rivas)
Rainer Maria – Suicides and Lazy Eyes
Colaars – To The Roofs
Cults – I Took Your Picture

Norma Jean  – High Society
Marcus Marr – Peacemakers

Plants – The Hill
Brian Just – She
Noah Gunderson – The Sound

Nik Hunt – Do It Again
Rickie Lee Jones – Show Biz Kids
Faith Healer – Light of Loving
Four Tet – Planet

Camerico Gazeway – Pop’s Rap (featuring Lonnie Lynn, Sr.)
Jungle Brothers – Beeds on a String
TLC – Creep

P.SUS – Happily Ever After
Dent May – Picture On A Screen
Slow Dancer – It Goes On
Prince – Wonderful Ass
Slave – Son of Slide

Widowspeak – Dog
Concatenate –  Relate
Guided By Voices – Steppenwolf Mausoleum