Twisting Flippers – May 31, 2017

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As we say good-bye to rainy May and get ready to enter rainy June, Bubble Wrap Radio gets its act together and plays some new music. If you were listening, and we doubt you were, you would have heard some fresh 80s-inspired dance pop from Chicago’s Layla Frankel, the incredible diction of Fagelle, the gritty groove of Makola’s “This Is London,” and a featurette from Montreal’s Fixture Records. You might have danced around, scratched your head, or gazed pensively out a window. We can’t tell you — only you know.

The long form has been reappearing of late and we have decided to roll out these time-intensive tracks at a manageable rate of one per show. This week’s long form entry was “J Schleia” by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra.  Andromeda Mega Express, from Berlin, are a self-styled jazz group but there are elements of various genres going on here from minimalist classical to electronic dance.  “J Schleia” feels more like a suite of pieces than one continuous work.  Definitely something you don’t hear everyday.

Fixture Records are promoting a new self-titled release by sound artists Couleur Dessin (alert listeners will remember that we played their song “Find Me Easily” last month) as well as a new label comp Fixture Five.  The label comp gave us bizarre throwaway “Podium” from Un Blonde, French pop fun from Phern and Freelove Fenner, and the tongue twisting track “Tete Multipliee And Mirrors” from Couleur Dessin featuring spoken word and beats.

There was more — find the complete playlist below…

May 31, 2017
Twisting Flippers

Charly Bliss – Wait
Kacey Johansing – Bow and Arrow
Layla Frankel – Creature of Habit

Quincy Jones – The Streetbeater
Michael and Janet Jackson – Scream (Naughty Main Mix)
Chuck Brown – Love Nationwide
Rufus and Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing

Weatherboy – Great Great Life
The Megaphonic Thrift – Interlopers
Broken Social Scene – Halfway Home
Fagelle – Doda flickan radda rosten

KMLN – Alhambra
Makola – This Is London
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – J Schleia

Night Drive – Rise & Fall
Polo Pan – Coeur d’Artichaut
Prince – Like A Mack

Fixture Showcase:
Un Blonde – Podium
Phern – Flipper Twister
Freelove Fenner – Perfect Master
Couleur Dessin – Tete Demultipliee and Mirrors

Mutiny – Rock The Boat
Original Concept – Pump That Bass
Public Enemy – 911 Is A Joke

Jack Kotz – For The Stars Under A Roof