Too Hot – May 17, 2017

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Indeed, it was too hot in the 3rd floor studio of WVEW on Main Street in Brattleboro where this week’s edition of Bubble Wrap beamed forth undaunted.  To celebrate the heat wave (93 degrees in May!), CG played “Too Hot” by Kool and the Gang, a band that was never cool but always brought a smile. This emboldened us to follow it up with Steely Dan’s “Black Friday” which dovetailed nicely with the Dow’s 373 point drop earlier in the day.

It wasn’t all oldies though.  Among the newer tracks, we especially liked “Caught in a Lie” by Chastity Belt, another new entry in the ongoing revival of “girls who rock.” See also “Ferris Wheels” by Thyla, from the seaside town of Brighton, England.

Low Roar proved intriguing, in part because of the back story — artist Ryan Karazija leaves Bay Area home on a solitary hejira to discover his roots in Mexico and northern Europe, producing an entire album of material along the way.  (He has since settled in Warsaw, Poland, an unusual place to end up.  One supposes he likes his privacy.)

Still liking music from Iceland, and the gentle folkiness of “Quiet Eyes” by Axel Flovent is a good example of why. Mexican Dubweiser’s “Lecture Me” is very funny and “Chocolate and Cocaine” is one of those repetitive songs that you can’t say you like but find yourself mindlessly humming anyway.  Hmmmmm…

And more.  Here’s the lot:

May 17, 2017
Too Hot

Kool & the Gang – Too Hot
Steely Dan – Black Friday
Combustible Edison – Millionaire’s Holiday
PWR BTTM – Now Now
Chastity Belt – Caught in a Lie

The KLF – America – What Time Is Love? (radio version)
De La Soul – Brainwashed Follower
De La Soul – Me Myself & I (Oblapos Mode)

Axel Flovent – Quiet Eyes
Gloria – In The Morning
Operator Music Band – KomaTom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood (12″)

Low Roar – Give Me An Answer
Thyla – Ferris Wheels
Bootsy’s Rubber Band – Body Slam!
Bobby Jimmy & the Critters – Milkshake

Little Reader – Burn Eternal
Lubec – Breakup Haircut
Maggie Rogers – On + Off

Stevie Wonder – Go Home (12″)
Mexican Dubweiser – Lecture Me
Lorenzo’s Music – Chocolate & Cocaine