Arabesque – May 3, 2017

| Radio

Bubble Wrap radio launched into May with new music from Charly Bliss, Couleur Dessin, Cory Hanson, Blithe Field (a new favorite) and Waxahatchee, as well as a long list of runners up.  Due to a hard drive failure affecting the musical fortunes of DJ CG, there is less funk on this show than usual.

Blithe Field, a solo artist from Ohio who also gave us “In The Moonlight” (which we played a few weeks ago), is responsible for this week’s “Clasped Hands.”  Mr. Field, aka Spencer Radcliffe, has a way with the splice and dice, melodic but off kilter, hard to pin down but always evocative, if you could just figure out of what.  I will be keeping an ear out for this guy.

Another tune that attracted my attention is Bellingham’s Rooftops with their long instrumental “Sea Frailty.”  Rooftops are the kind of band that you suspect of having conservatory credentials — there is a classical vibe to this genre-less composition which is carried through to a satisfying conclusion by a moody, almost elegiac trumpet kicking in around the 7 minute mark.

Cover of the week: Karma Chameleon by The March Divide (they’ve also covered Prince and Radiohead).  Selected oldie:”Type Slowly” from Pavement’s true final album, Brighten The Corners.

May 3, 2017

Charly Bliss – Percolator
Roger – Do It, Roger
The March Divide – Karma Chameleon (Culture Club cover)Couleur Dessin – Find Me Easily

Talking Heads – Naive Melody (Ext Version)
Dantevilles – Graffiti
Cory Hanson – Replica
Blithe Field – Clasped Hands

Pavement – Type Slowly
Rooftops – Sea Frailty

SOS Band – Just The Way You Like It (Long)
Waxahatchee – Silver
Babaganouj – Hoping It’s You
Sylvain Sylvain – Can’t Forget Tomorrow
Trouble Funk – Grip It
Acid Arab – Tamuzica
Harmonia – Arabesque

The Time – Jungle Love (dedicated to Morris dancers everywhere….)