Scratch Pad – March 15, 2017

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This week’s Bubble Wrap radio show explodes with pop splendor from Euro Dance to songs about your bottom (and how nice it is).  In between, we snuck in some Nashville country (“Carolina” by Brady Toops), a couple ballads with strong female leads (Shelby Earl’s “The Man Who Made Himself A Name” and Sallie Ford’s “Middle Child”), and Laetitia Sadier Ensemble’s “Love Captive,” in which Laetitia formerly of Stereolab, returns with more neo-Marxist musings in the guise of a love song (or the other way around).

Probably the track that lost — and endeared itself to — the most listeners was “Trilogija” by Sirum, a Slovenian trio who perform highly improvised and experimental music on a variety of traditional and homemade instruments.  As we warned listeners at the outset, “Trilogija” has challenging moments over the course of its 17 minute duration, including scrapy violin, but shy listeners are encouraged to bear up and wait it out, as within moments, the sound will change and the band will be creating different sounds that will be perhaps less challenging to more sensitive ears.  For those open to new shit, Sirum are a lot of fun, seemingly making it up as they go along, but doing it well.

March 15, 2017
Scratch Pad

Jimmy G and the Tackheads* – Scratch Pad (Break My Heart)

Daunt – Drive
Brady Toops – Carolina
Shelby Earl – The Man Who Made Himself A Name
Sallie Ford – Middle Child

Thundercat – Friend Zone (radio edit)
Prince – Pop Life (Fresh Dance mix)
Adrianna Krikl – Keep
LOYAL – Moving As One
Laetitia Sadier Ensemble – Love Captive

The Chi-Lites – Bottom’s Up
Andy Shauf – The Magician
Future Lover – Dead Soul Dagger
Dantevilles – Graffiti
James Leonard Hewitson – The Screen

Lord Echo – Just Do You (feat Mara TK)
NAO – Inhale Exhale
George Clinton – Hey Good Lookin’ (Mirror Mix)

Sirum – Trilogija

*Did you know that Jimmy G of Jimmy G and the Tackheads is George Clinton’s brother?  Me neither but he is…