Wander Away – February 8, 2017

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On this week’s Bubble Wrap, we wandered our way back to our original format, which is mostly new independent music with a healthy helping of older funk/r&b.  Playing mostly new music is relaxing in that you feel less responsible for your choices.  What’s on this week?  All the new stuff we’ve heard recently.  C’est simple!

Among those new tracks, to our surprise, was Slowdive.  Now didn’t they disappear in the 1990s?  Yes, they did, but they’ve since reformed and have released a new record that is at least as good as their old stuff and, for non-diehards, possibly better.  “Star Roving” was the track we heard.

We checked out Rose Elinor Dougall from across the pond.  She seems to be the new Tracey Thorn and her song “Closer” is enjoyably reminiscent, if a little cooler than Tracey’s breathy tones.  Also liking the Bud Collins Trio who gave us “Bad Kids Wander Away,” a midtempo folky pop ballad about, one supposes, “bad kids.”

Props also to The Grenaways, a semi-Celtic group out of Cornwall, of all places, and Gloria, from France, with an uplifting rendition of their song “In The Morning.”

Winner in the Weird but Good category:  20 Minute Loop’s “Mercury Vapor.”  As CG pointed out, this is either a completely new genre or an old one that absolutely no one does anymore.

Read on for all the tunes…

February 8, 2017
Wander Away

Prince – The Love We Make
Slowdive – Star Roving
Cherry Glazerr – Told You I’d Be With The Guys
Jason Moran – Planet Rock (jazz piano version)
Bubble Gum Brothers – Kegawa O Kita Venus
Bugotak – Kon’ togethy

Bud Collins Trio – Bad Kids Wander Away
The sleeping Tongues – Bullet Train
Matt Pond PA – Louisville
The Grenaways – Old Mast
Gloria – In The Morning

Cameo – On The One
Checker Kabb – By My Side
Carl Finch – Mall Music: Puppy Polka

20 Minute Loop – Mercury Vapor
ミツメ (Mitsume) – あこがれ
Kumode – Less Commotion
Luxury Death – Radiator Face

SaltnPepa – Live and Let Die
One Way – Mr. Groove