A Return To Normalcy – November 30, 2016

| Radio

This week on Bubble Wrap radio show, we vowed a return to normalcy.  Did we succeed?  Let’s see….

Obligatory Prince track?  check.  Unknown 80s Italo funk cut? got it.  Interesting new music from Chicago?  Yup.  Ok, we’re back at least for the moment.

The Italo funk was “Living” by Island and Holiday, a 1980s remix of a completely forgettable disco track, probably sourced through Beat Electric (how I loved that blog).

Interesting Chicago artist was Odd Couple, a production team in the DJed hip hop genre.  We played “Daydream,” the instrumental, out of fear of swears in “Visions” (which we’ll be playing next week).  Other notable new tracks include “Sweep Me Off My Feet” by Angelica Marie and the almighty “Dropout” by Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type.

The most interesting oldie of the week award goes to a band by the name of Snowden, which caught my eye because their name was Snowden and the track release date was 2006…  The song, “Anti-Anti” is one of those Debordian rants that remind me (in a good way all around) of The Playwrights, with a certain desperate edge to everything, as we look out over the cliff to where our certain fate lies — on the craggy rocks below…  Did you know that Snowden is a character in Catch-22?  me neither…

November 30, 2016
A Return To Normalcy

Prince – The Question of U
Island and Holiday – Living
El Buga – Mini Conga
Odd Couple – Daydream
Cameo – Just Be Yourself

Angelica Marie – Sweep Me Off My Feet
Takuya Kuroda – Zigzagger
Softlightes – Girlkillsbear
Hot Cold Sweat – Move Like That
Moby and the Void Pacific Choir – Hey Hey
James Liddell – Building A Beginning

High Tide 15:47 – When I’m With You
Madhouse – Ten & A Half
Andy Svarthol – Ofbirta
911 – Blueprint

Snowden – Anti-Anti
Leonard or the Thomas Organ – Jingle Jam
SCD – Holiday (Twin)
Bootsy Collins – Merry Christmas Baby

Alaska in Winter – We are blind and riding the merry go round
Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type – Dropout
D Train – Keep On (12″)