Standing On Shakey Ground – November 16, 2016

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This week’s Bubble Wrap was a return to pre-election routine, or so we thought.  As it turned out, even when you’re not trying to make topical references, songs come out of the ether with a point of view all their own.  Such was our experience this week, as we all try to make sense of the new reality in a post-Trump world.

New and noteworthy this week:  Lady Wray’s “Smilin'” (gotta love that gospel choir), tiny cuts “Free Now,” and Van William’s “Revolution,” with a clever re-use of a popular meme.  With the protests at Standing Rock over the Dakota pipeline, it was interesting and inspiring to hear a Native American hip hop group from Ottawa called A Tripe Called Red — their song “Virus” is just out and if you didn’t think Indian chant and rap could work together, think again.

As always, we played a few chestnuts — Kid Creole’s “I Let It Slide,” Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everyday People,” and Fishbone’s version of “Shakey Ground” hit the spot.

November 16, 2016
Shakey Ground

Stevie Wonder – He’s Misstra Know It All
Tristeya – Raise Your Gaze
Tack>>Head – Ticking Time Bomb
RUMTUM – Hemispheres
Kid Creole – Dancin’ At The Bains Douches
Film Jacket 35 – Waiting For A Way Out

Trouble Funk – Here We Are (the Pocket)
Lady Wray – Smilin’Ian Schoales – Fast Food
tiny cuts – Free Now
Kid Creole – I Let It Slide

Van William – Revolution (feat. First Aid Kit)
Dot Dash – Holly Garland
Honeyblood – Ready For The Magic
PLAZA – Youth

Rare Essence – Where My Gangstas
Chuck Brown – People Make The World Go Round
Pavement – The Hexx (12/1/97)
A Tribe Called Red – Virus (feat. Saul Williams and Black Bear)
Sly and the Family Stone – Everyday People
The Avalanches – Harmony
Jamila Woods – Breadcrumbs

Fishbone – Shakey Ground
Treasure Fingers – What Am I Supposed To Do (feat. Jocelyn Brown)