OMG It’s Trump – the Post Election Show

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We were looking forward to doing the Bubble Wrap show the day after the election, figuring Hillary would win and we could play upbeat pop songs with just a touch of whimsical sarcasm….  And then the unthinkable happened — Donald Trump won!  How is this even possible.  On one days notice it was back to the drawing board for a playlist and in the end, we did a sort of virtual group therapy over the airwaves with songs that addressed our own views on the affair if not those of anyone else….as is appropriate on a community radio station.

New this week:  Really Big Pine Cone’s very weird indie pop song “Everybody Needs Friends,” John K Samson’s “Select All Delete,” and Drugdealer’s “Suddenly.”  We were also pleased to introduce to a local audience the indie garage rock stylings of Origami Horses of Canterbury, England.  They have a new ep out called Everybody Smile that’s rather ace, to use ancient slang, and we played two songs off it — the eponymous lead off track and “Smiler” which we like even better.  You’ll probably be hearing more about Origami Horses, from us if no one else.

November 9, 2016
Post Election Therapy

Heaven 17 – We Don’t Need Your Fascist Groove Thing [Reagan era!]
Fern Jones – Strange Things Happening Every Day [1959]

Harry Nilsson – Think About Your Troubles [have you seen The Point recently?]
AC/DC – All Screwed Up
Portastatic – Autumn Got Dark
Asteroid #4 – Here We Go

The Carter Family – Keep On The Sunny Side
Bootsy Collins – Freedom
And The Kids – Strange To Be
The Clean – In The Dreamtime You Need A Rubber Soul

Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff
Really Big Pine Cone – Everybody Needs Friends
Kid Creole and the Coconuts – But I Got You
Carly Simon – Mockingbird [for some reason, this became my Trump theme song]
Hall & Oates – She’s Gone
Steve Earle – The Revolution Starts Now

Prince – New World
Last Poets – Get Movin’
Peter Schilling – Let’s Play USA [by request from listeners in DC]
Earth Wind and Fire – Getaway
REM – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It [also by request]

Mountain Goats – First Few Desperate Hours [Bush era!]
Origami Horses – Origami Horses
Origami Horses – Smiler
John K Samson – Select All Delete
Drugdealer – Suddenly

Chuck Brown – Love Nationwide
Donald Fagen – IGY
Upper Crust – Little Lord Fauntleroy
The Playwrights – Leave It For The Archaeologists
Brent Buswell – Amazing Grace