Adventures in Radio – September 14, 2016

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Our discovery this week was The 1975.  We’re sorry we didn’t bother to listen to them sooner.  Despite occasionally sounding like a boy band, there’s an undercurrent of coolness to their ultra-pop.  “Love Me,” the track we played, is killer dance pop.  Hard not to like.

Ditto for Angel Olsen whose My Woman album seems to be everywhere.  I fully expected not to like “Shut Up Kiss Me” but no, it was much like Charli XCX’s Valentine which is to say, there’s still a real person in this Angel Olsen who hasn’t been smothered by fame and fashion (yet).

Another discovery this week was a composer named Jon Bernstein, who releases his music as Disparition, and was the writer of the soundtrack for a podcast called Night Vale.  Consequently, his recent work is moody and atmospheric, as they say, but his experimentation seems bound to lead somewhere interesting, and in fact, already has.

Otherwise, we experimented with a new format, alternating songs one for one instead of doing a dancy set followed by an indie set.  This seemed much more satisfying although it was more challenging to contrive.  The beauty of radio is that if you can’t figure out what to play next, you can just turn on the mics, distract the audience for a few minutes with witty banter, and then charge off in any musical direction you want.  Which is what we did.

Here’s the playlist:

September 14, 2016
Adventures In Radio

Earth Wind & Fire – September
Golden Daze – Salt
Alice Russell – For A While (Lost Midas remix)
The 1975 – Love Me
Coast Modern – Guru

The Ineloquent – Verge of a Breakthrough
Michael Kiwanuka – Black Man White World
My Tribe Your Tribe – Will To Survive
Rare Essence – Must Be Like That

Jamila Woods – Breadcrumbs
Neon Indian – ANME
Way Zen – Relics of the Heart
Kid Creole & the Coconuts – No Fish Today
Cesar Maria* – Let It On

Bill LePage – Death of a Clover
Raik – La Musique
Disparition – The Ballad of Haydon & Prideauz
Prince – Emale
De La Soul – Memory Of (Feat. Estelle and Pete Rock)

Syre – Burn (feat. Kendra Dias)
Angel Olsen – Shut Up Kiss Me
Tep No – Please Me
Shy Kids – Rockets
Pleasure – Glide

*Cesar Maria is among a handful of groups that do not seem to exist on the internet.  Or perhaps we looked in the wrong places…