We Are The Ones: Songs of 2006

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2006 was the year we discovered that turning your back on the real world only gets you so far.  Some of us travelled aimlessly.  Others paired up.  Politics was pointless so we ignored it.  And then there was the music–ironic, alienated, a little sad.  Amy Winehouse released Back To Black that year — we played Rehab.  Read on for the full playlist of the March 30, 2016 edition of Bubble Wrap on WVEW radio, in which we profiled the best indie music of that year (according to us).

March 30, 2016
The 2006 Playlist

Fujiya and Miyagi – Collarbone
Prince – 3121

Cassettes Won’t Listen – Aliens
Barbara Morgenstern – Alles Was Lebt Bewigt Sich
Asteroid #4 – Tell Me About Pittsburgh
Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Ain’t No Jesus In Here
Devotchka – Dark Eyes

Moose – The Only Man In Town
Chad VanGaalen – Clinically Dead
My Brightest Diamond – Disappear
Jennifer O’Connor – Exeter, RI

“I drove through Exeter, Rhode Island all alone…”  – Jennifer O’Connor

Dusty Springfield – Piece of my Heart
Amy Winehouse – Rehab
Cale Parks – Wet Paint
Field Music – You Can Decide
The Coup – We Are The Ones

East River Pipe – What Does T.S. Eliot Know About You
The Apparitions – God Monkey Robot

“First there was god, then came the monkey, then came the robot…” – The Apparitions

FM 108 Clubstyle – Ellis Moore, May 1986 (radio tape – Cleveland, OH)
Disclosure – Molecules
Santigold – Chasing Shadows
Manatee Commune – Simple Lessons

Notable: Devotchka, Amy, and Santigold were just getting going.  If you asked me my favorite pop song of that year, it would be Rehab (produced by Mark Ronson, I just noticed).  My favorite “funny” pop songs of that year were  “T.S. Eliot” by East River Pipe and the Apparitions’ “God Monkey Robot.” Serious favorite: “Ain’t No Jesus” by Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

*As always, not all the songs above were released in the given year.