Star Witness: More Songs of 2005

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On March 23, we played all the songs from 2005 that we didn’t play last week plus assorted funky tunesters (Michael, Janet, Evelyn “Champagne” King).  This made for what my mother calls a mish-mash, and what’s worse, I can’t really vouch for the authenticity of this playlist because of all the cross-outs… If I had to pick one, I’d say Neko Case’s Star Witness stood out as the best single track of 2005.

Here are some songs from 2005* and a few that aren’t:

March 23, 2005
More 2005 and Brethren

Parliament – Deep
Mutiny – 2005 [original release: 1996]

2005! 2005!
Will you be alive in 2005
– Mutiny

Rondo Brothers – Take Me Back To The Islands [KeGrot Remix]
Prefuse 73 – No Origin
Pela – Episodes
Portastatic – I Wanna Know Girls
Nic Armstrong – If We Can’t Escape My Pretty

Jamie Woon – Sharpness
Prince – Rehearsal
Rare Essence – Stars Be Partyin’
Tribe Called Quest – Check The Rhyme
Raging Family – Krep Telescope
Robocop Kraus – All The Good Men
Sufjan Stevens – Man of Metropolis
Twin Atlas – Plains of Saviors
Neko Case – Star Witness

Stephen Malkmus – Baby, C’mon
Visionaries – If You Can’t Say Love
Xiu Xiu – Bog People
Vasen – Polska pa overvaningen

Michael Jackson – Baby Be Mine
Janet Jackson – Free Love
Evelyn King – I’m In Love