So It’s Come To This: Songs of 2005

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2005 was a year of resignation for many of us. It was a time to turn away from politics and get on with whatever we found important in life. There was a resurgence of love songs. Others pondered the bigger questions of life, the universe, and everything. For me, 2005 was definitely a drop-out year. I spent the whole month of May just hanging out, talking about music and shrooms and the spiritual energy of plants…  I crocheted an afghan and harvested herbs.  That kind of year.

As always, not all the songs below are from 2005, but a lot of them are.

March 16, 2016
Songs of 2005

Prince – Slave
Prince – Dreamer
Anom – So It’s Come To This
Blitzen Trapper – Cunning Revolution
The Books – It Never Changes to Stop
Boom Bip – Matter
Diane Cluck – Easy To Be Around

Broadcast – Black Cat
The Clientele – E.M.P.T.Y.
Cold Cut – True Skool
Echo & The Bunnymen – Stormy Weather

All we need is something to live for
Something to believe in. – Cold Cut

The Foxymorons – Harvard Hands
Frida Hyvonen – You Never Got Me Right
Laura Cantrell – 14th Street
The Lovekevins – Stop Being Perfect
Loney, Dear – I Am John

Kid Creole – I Let It Slide
Bootsy – Tired Of Good
The Zap Band – Stop That
Black Amex – Pitch Black City
George Clinton – Air Bound

George Clinton – Silly Millimeter
Prince – U Know


Surprise uplifting anthem of the night — Loney, Dear’s “I Am John.”  You got to wait for it…