Indie Rock Turns 30 – January 8, 2020

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YLT at La Trastienda

Ok, 30 years is an arbitrary judgement on my part, but for me anyway, indie rock started in the very early 90s, which by my reckoning makes it 30 years old this year.  Another decade begins.  Where will the genre go?  It’s a little soon to tell, but if I had to pick a band of the future from tonight’s playlist, it might be Field Music, whose “Money Is A Memory” does not reinvent the genre but does interesting things with it.  Ditto for Caspian, whose “Flowers of Light” is probably prog but includes enough arty asides to keep non-prog rockers happy.

January 8, 2020
Indie Rock Turns 30

Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot
Slotface – New Year, New Me
Donald Fagen – IGY
Solar Twins – Rock The Casbah

A. Sinclair – Weeds
Floodwater Angel – Asparagus
Bette Midler – Buckets of Rain

Aztek – Drone
Puncke – Chk Chk
Field Music – Money Is A Memory
Hinds – Riding Solo

Trouble Funk – Drop The Bomb
Fred MacMurray – Civil Defence Spot
Natalie Shea – Keep Me Waiting
Allah-Las – Holding Pattern
Joni Mitchell – Woodstock

Bob Hope – Civil Defence Spot
George Clinton – Bulletproof
Mally – Black Moses
of Montreal – Polyaneurism
Caspian – Flowers of Light

Katy B & Fourtet – Calm Down


Photo:  By Sebastián j. – Yo La Tengo @ La Trastienda, CC BY 2.0