I Know This World Is Killing You

| Music

One of my favorite web sites seems to have died or maybe it’s just in a coma.  BetterPropaganda.com hasn’t had any new content since December 2012.

BP used to be my go-to source for interesting new music.  It was all free and legal, released by the artist or the label.  And it had great contributors, from the soon-to-be-famous (Frank Ocean, Dent May) to the largely unknown (Aluminum Group, ScheiderTM).  Admittedly, BetterPropaganda made me lazy.  I could just sit there and ever week or so, another batch of largely great tracks in a variety of genres, would roll in for my listening pleasure.  A few minutes later, I’d be listening guilt-free to another batch of new music.

Here it is February 25, two months later, and I’m still checking that link to see if they’ve revived.  It reminds me of back in the day when one day, Pop Narcotic, an indie label out of Boston responsible for putting out singles by bands like Helium and Small Factory, went dark.  Oh no, I cried, but after a year of farewell message, I finally gave up.  I still have most of those 7 inchers.

As for BetterPropaganda, I’m sorry to see them go if gone they are.  What they provided was a needed service and I don’t know of an alternative site that did quite what they were doing.